No Smoking Day

I'm new here, hi :)


I'm 25 and I've been smoking for 2 years. It started out as a social thing, a few a week when going out. Then alot more when I moved out to uni, to cope with the anxiety and loneliness. Now its alot more when I'm on my own, about 5-10 a day.

I've tried quitting a few times, I've thrown away my lighters, tobacco, cigs but a few days later I'm puffing on a cig :(

I hate justifying smoking to myself, life isn't going well at the moment...and so I think "screw it, life is messed up so I might aswell have a cig"

But I want to stop for good now and have set today, 9th September 11:59pm as the date to stop.

Hopefully I can get your help and support :)

Thank you.

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Hi Marshmallow Man!!!


You'll find loads of support here to help you through. How are you intending to deal with your quit - ie cold turkey? using NRT support? However you decide there is someone here who is quitting on that particular method. We are very similar in that we have smoked roughly the same amount and I have gone cold turkey - day 24 today.

So if you feel like a smokey joe get on here and type away and you should always find someone around ready to keep you motivated and focused on your goal. Choosing to be free of smoking is the best gift you can ever give yourself. Well done yous!!

We will think of you tonight at 11.59pm - and at 12.00 hours it is the start of your new life. You can do this.



Oooo I meant to say Mr M that tomorrow is your Day 1 so post on Day 1 and then everyone will see you and know where you're at.

Good Luck




Great decision! you can do it this time :D Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.


I'm gonna go cold turkey. The longest I've been without a cig has been 10 days, had 1 cig and it snowballs! So I wanna beat that record and keep going.

I've told friends before that I'm going to stop, and then started again. I told them again today, but they didn't believe me, lol.

But I have to do this for myself. I've started to get back into shape, and by next summer I'd like to more fitter and healthier.

Thank you for the encouragement:)


Mr M - One day at a time - don't look so far ahead. Just take one day at a time which is why it is good to post on each day cos it keeps you focussed on that day. And if you're having a bad moment then come and vent it here. It is NS4M who has just posted you who has these really good statistics about how long cravings last etc. I think she said between 3 and 5 mins - so get loads of chocs, nuts, biscuits, munchies in - and if you're not on here a rubiks cube is good for the hands!!

You show your mates this time round that you are much stronger than they or you think.



Yup 3 to 5 minutes and the crave is gone. Also, it takes only three days to get the nicotine out of your system so stay strong you can do it. :D


Hay welcome marshmallow man,

Congratulations on deciding to quit and for good this time,

You can show your friends what a strong person you are, you can do it!

We are all here to support and encourage you, I lived on here for the first week as it gave my hands something to do, it really helped me.

We all support each other and it is great.

Good luck,

Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx224


Good Morning Mr Marshmallow

It is now 9.35am and you should hopefully be 9hours and 35minutes into your quit.


Let us know how you are getting on - you're not alone we're all here to support you.



Yes come on marsh hope things are going good for you


Hello MMM,

how's it going? Congratulations on deciding to stop, that's the difficult part as it's the one part where you have to do something - the rest of it is just a matter of not doing something.


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