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No Smoking Day
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Day 2

Hi everyone, surprisingly i've not thought about cigs that much today, i think it's all down to the fact that my new guitar was delivered. I have been on it all day, so it has made my second day easier. Don't know what else to say really other than i hope this is my final quit, oh yer does anyone know if my nicorrette invisipatch will fall off if i shower with it on?? Thanks.


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Hi Daniel,

Congrats on the 2 days, that's great going. The guitar is perfect timing as it is good to keep your mind off the quit and your hands busy too.

As for the invisi patch ... I wouldn't worry too much if it falls off in the shower, you won't be able to tell as you won't be able to see if it does!!!! :rolleyes: Sorry that is sooooooooooooooo not helpful but rather funny I think!! :D

Keep up the good work.



Hi daniel

u doing good day 2 well done:)

& them invispatch are v.good they wont fall off in shower

almost day 3 .. woo hoo you x


Well Done I am also on my second Day 3 after i broke at the weekend!

You patch will be fine, I've been swimming, sauna etc wearing my patch......wasn't sure tho did wonder if i'd see it floating past me!!

Hope you have a great day 3. And keep playing the Guitar if it help, keeping them hands busy.



Hi Daniel,

You're doing good and you sound loads more positive this time. Since discovering this site I spose I've neglected my partner a little bit ooops, anyway he's been practising guitar so much more since he quit and he's doing brilliant, in fact the other night while I was glued to my laptop screen I said to him casually 'that was good, who's that covering hotel california?' he said 'it was me you bloody idiot!'

So with the extra time not spent smoking, or thinking about smoking, or planning the next smoke...........he's mastered an Eagles classic......how good is that?

Keep going mate xx


Hi Dan welcome to the forum and to your day 2, I have brought three guitars since I quit and I am getting there slow but sure.

As for the patches I have no idea as went CT but so long as your arm doesnt fall off theres no worries is there :D drink plenty which is the best advice I can give you and I dont mean booze I mean water, this forum is brilliant and will Im sure help your quit big time xx


Yer thats really good shelly, that his mastered a song, im working on a couple of arctic monkeys songs. I seem to have more patience when i'm not smoking, plus the energy boost comes in handy, but yer playing guitar is good because you can spend hours learning something new, and the day just flies.


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