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anyone the same

i feel amazing self confidence and my self esteem is through the roof ! i have progressed in many areas in my life therefore my confidence and self esteem has always been high after getting over alot of shit in my life ! no smoking is just another thing to add ! has been a huge boost to my confidence and self esteem ! just wondering if anyone else has had a boost in their self confidence or self esteem or both?

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I am only on day 5-so many numerous quits in the past which left me hating myself more and more.

This time I seem to have a better grip of the addiction due to reading loads and this forum.

So -I , like you have so, so much better self esteem . Really feel uplifted and good.

hope it lasts .Must say I am very wary and wonder cynically if it is the extra oxygen that has got me so giddy:)

so hope it last for us -and others get this uplift too. x


day 5 thats great its your first steps towards a life time quit ! no wonder you feel happy ! great stuff keep up the good work ! just remember there will be good and bad days enjoy the good days and enjoy the bad ones because every day is an achievement when you didn't smoke ! an you benefit sooooooo much from getting on with the bad days ! just remember its all part of getting better and smoke free forever ! i can guarantee others will feel the same !


I am so wary always. know the old nicdemon on my shoulder can get me back when vulnerable and weak.!!

good luck with your quit -lets hope these feelings of hey I feel ok -- last my friend:):)



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