Has anyone had a problem with BLOATING after quitting? I feel and LOOK 8 months PG! I am like 5'1 and 112 lbs and I have this pudge that makes me look PG! After I drink or eat something I just blow up! I have been eating healthy all week and my snacks are healthy drinking a ton of water and doing walking and jogging on the treadmill at night and still this pudge and bloating is still there!

Has this happened to anyone else and if what do you do to get it to go away!!!!!!! :mad:

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  • Yes!! I too looked about 8 months pregnant after quitting, my digestive system went haywire, just do what I did and get some elasticated jogging pants and it will soon pass.

    Think water retention was a problem too, maybe this is a womens only side effect, when you realise what smoking was doing to us it's not surprising our bodies do some strange things when we quit. It is only re-adjustment and however long it takes just embrace it as recovery.

    I gained 12 pounds very early into the quit, things are returning to normal now and have lost nearly 6 of them but I feel and look so much better its amazing. Just got a few more zits than normal, again just toxins being flushed I think.

    Best of luck xx

  • Me too :o I put it down to the healthy eating. Way more salad, fruit, fibre and water than I was used to having and my body didn't know what the hell was going on. Poor thing has been abused for 28 years :eek: It seems to be easing off now- still there but I don't have to undo my jeans anymore after I've eaten.

  • Hi,

    I am suffering big time as well. Not sure if it is my diet (as in on one) or the quit. All I know is it is really bad at the mo & cheesed off with it. Fed up feeling so uncomfortable. Hope it settles soon :rolleyes:

    Gaynor x

  • :eek:me too:eek:

    I'm so bloated i can feel stretchmarks coming:eek::p Cut out all caarbs maybe?

  • I have, it's not helped at all. It just seems to be getting worse. I did wonder if it's the lozenges as well.

    G x

  • There's got to be a reason why this happens.......I mean I've never eaten so healthily really and drunk so much water etc (OK I do have more than the occasional treat) but nothing more or less than when I smoked.

    Although my weight is now steadying and I am going to the toilet more than once a fortnight (and a bit of exercise) I still have a football tummy and its rock hard!

    In fact as I checked myself out in the mirror this evening I probably look about 5 months preggers which i suppose is an improvement from the first few weeks!

    My OH has an unusual podge as well (different to his middle aged spread) so maybe its not just a womens thing, all I know is I really want to deflate in time to wear my summer shorts!

  • By changing your habits, problems significantly reduce inflammation. However, there are remedies for swelling that provide quick and effective relief for bloating. Eat fibrous foods such as cabbage, as it cleanses your body inside and relieve swelling.

  • I have, it's not helped at all. It just seems to be getting worse. I did wonder if it's the lozenges as well.

    G x

    I think theres Aspartame in those lozenges... a sugar substitute found in diet cola etc.

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