Feeling Better!

Feeling much better today about my blip! That is what I am going to consider it and not go back to day one as I know I WILL NEVER SMOKE AGAIN, regardless of what is thrown my way! I have come to far and feel so much better that I won't let another cig enter my body!

I will know how to handle stress and keep myself occupied! I am super pumped about my new found life and my energy and exercising! As I did 1 1/2 miles on the treadmill last night and chopped all the weeds in my garden.



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  • Well done Mic. You sound super strong & comitted to this. Keep it up, you're doing great :D

    Gaynor x

  • Wow mich thats great I am going to buy a tread mill, I have looked on ebay today so will have one by the weekend, does yours do pulse etc as the rebok one I am looking out does all the bits and I can start slow and work up to 8 km and hour what ever that is will probably never get there but I will do some, how long did it take to do the 1.5 m I am so glad you are feeling better and more positive xx

  • Jamangie, the treadmill I have is a Gold's Gym that I got at Wal-Mart and yes it has the pulse and it inclines and it also does programs for you depending on what level you want, of course I am beginner. My mile and half I did for 30 mins with fast walking the jogging for 5 mins back and forth. I use to weight train and jog some but unlike now I was 98 lbs and didn'd do much cardio due to losing muscle mass I was developing so now at 42 I'm not the 98 lbs I use to and it's been 6 years since weight training so I am taking it slow so I can get out of bed! hee hee! But I am glad that I have it to just jump on and get some exercise in with not smoking I am trying to get fit again! And makes me feel so good when I am done! :D



  • Yes like me have put a few pounds on and want to be able to keep an eye on what I am doing its ok walking the streets but you never realy know how much you are doing and if its raining it will put u off or cold etc if its that bad I can do it indoors so will keep me focused and can see fitness levels which you cant do walking either so thats good as well so definately getting one, thanks for that will prob take me that long to do mile at first :D

  • Well done mic

    You sound happy now & well into your treadmill & gardening ...proud of you for moving on ...:)

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