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Champix and bloating

Hello everyone,

New to the site and feel I could use support. I quit cold turkey for two weeks and then fell, responding to stress in the tradition of old by sparking up.

I am determined to do this but realise I need some help and am on day 3 of champix. The headaches are easing but I am experiencing the most horrendous bloating in my abdomen and breasts that feels soooooooooo uncomfortable.

I know it's early days, but has anyone else experienced this effect and does it pass? I only smoked one cigarette today and I really did not desire it once I lit it, I've decided tomorrow to stop as the idea of putting myself through the torture of how I feel after smoking is more painful than resisting cravings.

I'm 34 female.

Hope today has been kind to everyone and would be grateful if anyone could tell me of their experience specific to the drug and bloating, I'm slim and enjoy being this way so the bloating is stirring all my anxieties about weight gain, though I eat super healthy...the bloating is so so so icky!

Thank you.

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Hey, well done on not giving up giving up. I am Day 14 of Champix today. i cant say I have really had any major side effects other than a few really vivid dreams, which to be honest I've quite enjoyed. One thing I have noticed though, is that I am sleeping a lot more. I'm not sure if this is a side effect or not, but I've suffered from a sleeping disorder for years, I am am really enjoying it. I am on Day 14 today, up until now i have found it really easy, today has been the more difficult so far, still today's nearly over :-)


Hi Lotus

I suffered both bloating and constipation but it didn't hit until quit week 2 :o Not 100% sure that's it just down to the Champix though as others have had it - at one point I couldn't do up my top button :eek: Everything has kinda sorted itself out and is back to normal but it wasn't pleasant while it lasted. I'd say if it's really bothering you then have a word with your GP or stop smoking advisor.




Hey Debbie,

Thanks for taking the time to respond and to share with me of your experience, it has been really helpful. You mention that you are on day 14 of champix have you actually quit smoking already and if so when?

I felt super encouraged by your comment that you're sleeping a lot. Like you I have suffered with disordered sleeping for years, zopiclone, lavendar baths, blah de blah and I have this strange feeling that I am likely to sleep better on this drug. The last few nights I have slept deeply and better than I have in years! It is the bloated feeling that I'm struggling with, but I have a good feeling about this drug for me. Your message has reinforced this intuition.

Funny, it was day 14 that I broke, so well done for seeing it through, you'll feel so proud of you in the morning

Thanks again


Hey Pookie,

Thanks for posting. As it's only 3 days on the drug I'll leave it a little longer, at least until my group on Wednesday, thing is I only smoked one cigarette today and despite my will power being quite strong (i.e. I'm so determined to quit) the lack of desire I feel certain is the affect of the champix already taking root, so this is encourgaing me to overlook the bloating and see how I go.

I'm hoping as my body becomes used to the drug, such an effect will pass. Still think I'd rather this than some of the other symptoms I could get.

Keep on keeping on :)


sorry, didn't make myself clear. i was on day 17 when I actually quite smoking although you are supposed to quit between day 8 to 14. So I quit on day 17, and have now had 14 days smoke free. Day 15 tomorrow so I have naw passed the two week mark :-) I actually find it easier in the week than at the weekend. In the week i am rushed off my feet with work, come home walk the dog etc etc, but at the weekend i have a lot of free time, which i suppose is making me think more about it.

The extra sleeping is great tho, I've tried, sleeping pills, lavender baths, kalms, nightol, you name it, I've tried it, now i am sleeping like a baby. I guess unless you have suffered from a sleep disorder you cant imaging wheat it is like, but I cant describe how great it feels to be able to go to bed every night and to be able to sleep, its heaven.


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