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day 11

well ppl, as the sun goes down on a very nice, calm day11, I am screaming YEEHA inside. I would never have believed I could make it this far. I know it's not long compared to some of you but to me it's fantastic. Apart from the throat infection, antibiotics are working their magic, I feel absolutely brilliant. I would like to thank all of you guys for the continued support, I would never have got by day 3 without this forum. A big pat on the back to you all.....thank you so much, you are all amazing ( and no I'm not on drugs or alcohol, I just think you all deserve recognition for the support you give each other). Goodnight and speak to you all on day 12, feels good saying that :D

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Well done you :D

The fact that you're poorly and still sounding positive is great - before you know it you'll be saying 'hello day 60' :eek:

Get well soon and well done again.




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