No Smoking Day
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Day 6

Today is kinda rocky! Not that I am freaking out craving one, but of course when you start have relationship issues then it seems like hmmmm a cig sure would be nice to calm my nerves, but then I think about how my lungs and chest will feel and having to start ALL over again, just not worth it. So, I will just deal with it and figure out a different way to cope with my frustration!

Still on the patchs and still have red whelps but I look at it as my reminders that it is better to have them then smoking.

It's funny cause I haven't really been craving them or cheating and taking the patch off waiting an hour or so and smoking this time it seems easier but right now I'm feeling kinda of weak and figured I better jump on here and post!



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don't let a crap situation break you. Tempting but not worth it. Been there, not a nice place but now still sliling on the other side. :cool:


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