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Day 4 for me!!!!

I have managed to make it 4 days...I'm very proud of myself, and I also drank this weekend but had some coffee staws to chew on and for once it was actually enough for me. Didn't rip the patch off and go get some. Working in the garden or mowing I could feel like I could breath. Granted it's only been 4 days but to me it seemed to make a difference.

So...GO ME!

Mic. 4-29-10


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Michelle, cant say much about the patches as I went CT but you are doing so well and we are all rooting for you, well if your mowing then we have to give you a helping hand, its not easy so don’t let anyone try and make out it is, we have all been on the roller coaster but it does get better and like you said that even 4 days into the quit you can feel the difference in the quit with things like breathing and energy levels starting to rise, don’t panic though if your breathing drops of or you find yourself feeling tired it happens sometimes but does come back it’s a strange business quitting smoking but it is so achievable and so worth sticking through to the end.

This site is brilliant and will really help you to keep focused and also be aware of the pitfalls, good luck and if you want to pm any time feel free xx


Well done Michelle, 4 days is hard work, you have done really well. Use the site to post in times of need, it really is a great form of support. Well done :)


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