Day 7

week 2 here I come. I think I have a bit of a revelation. I have been waiting for these feelings/thoughts to just disapear overnight, literally putting my life on hold for this miracle to happen. I have finally realised that this is not the case. I now know, from reading all the posts, that this is a gradual thing and I must continue using all of my willpower to abstain. I am looking at todsay with mixed emotions as I am really pleased with myself for getting this far, but in all the literature etc, it says the cravings peak again on day 7. So with that in mind, I am now in warrior mode again lol. Posting here really helps me as the OH is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard, thanks for letting me rant :eek:

Six days, 10 hours, 8 minutes and 43 seconds. 192 cigarettes not smoked, saving £53.95. Life saved: 16 hours, 0 minutes. Scarey

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  • thanks for the encouragement Chrissie :)

  • Day 7

    I haven't found today too bad really. I've been up my parents house a couple of times this week, both times they were smoking like chimneys, usually that would make me just reach for a ciggie myself, but its not really bothering me, if anything i still quite like the smell, but know if i have even one then I will be right back at the start again, and i know what I am like. So many times I have tried to give up after a while i have convinced myself that just one wont he=urt, had the one and before ling back on 30 a day, so more than anything i am determined not to have even one.

    I'm not screaming up the walls or anything. Not sure if its the Champix, but I am not gonna stop taking them until the full course, I'm too scared of starting again. I cant say that i've been this determined for so long, i think if I can stick with it, I can really do it this time :-) Besides, I've been having some really bizzare dreams whilst taking the Champix, they're great, i really enjoy them :)

  • Hi shojam

    it does get easier ..keep going on it..i promise after today its a turning point & i found the 10days to 2 weeks I started to feel very good,,please message me if im wrong xxx thinking of you

    ps laughing at choc fireguard lol ...not heard that in ages xx haha xx

    Well done too debbicoats x:)

  • Thank you for your support, I have to admit that yesterday was good. As I am now on week 2, yes WEEK 2, got to keep pinching myself, I feel more confident. Long may it continue

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