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non smoker starting now!


ok, just had my last cigarette. I have been here before, gave up for 2 1/2 weeks earlier this year but i just have to try again.

I recently split from my girlfriend and my self esteem is pretty low but i know for my health and looks, giving up smoking is a must! I hate my stained teeth, dry skin and constant tiredness and i know from experience hugely improves when not smoking.

soooo here goes... good luck to everyone


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Hi knight..

Well done for retrying..

Take a look around this forum and read the links.. everyone here is great help!!!

I stopped on Weds so am on day 4 nearly 5 and by reading and writing on here, it has been my rock!!!

I see you have noted down reasons for giving up.. theres a bit in here that you can write them down on... do it and go back and have a read every now again as that helps out too..

Good luck... look forward to catching up on how you are doing..

All the best

S x

Doh!!! Just reread your post and realised you said you have been here before and so you prolly know your way around anyway lol :o

good luck still


Hey K

You know this might be a great time to quit... I took the decision to quit when my OH decided to be the ex-OH last year...Lots of people said I should wait for a better time, but I found it was good for the ol' self esteem to prove I could take control of something as big as the smoking... Unfortunately Xmas time saw me fall of the wagon but I'm back on it and LOVING not smoking even if sometimes it's hard. You can do it, you know what to expect and you know it gets better really soon

Stay strong!


Hi Knight,

Ditto with the constant tiredness when I was smoking. I don't ever really get that now, and I feel bright and alert most of the time :-)

You know that only giving up smoking can give you the normal awake life you crave and not that foggy tired mind you always have.

Good luck, hang in there, it gets easier and change your life for the better!


Hi Knight, you are defo doing the right thing. Giving up smoking reeps huge benefits as you know, i stopped for 10 yrs and never looked back or even gave it a minutes thought until i rebelled laterr in life :rolleyes: which i'd then spent a good 5 yrs loving the fags BUT NOW i have stopped again and never to go back.

Smoking is a curse and yes brown teeth and crumpet skin isn't nice but fear not..., it will soon all change. 5 days ct and i feel FAB and my skin has already started to get that glow back. Yeehaaa!

Good luck.

Hi knight , all i do is keep reading on

hear and my crave goes , good luck and stay strong jan xxxx

Hi Knight

keep strong

not easy

take it a day at a time

we are here to help u xxx:):)

Howdo Knight.

My intial inspiration to quit was because my girlfriend was a non-smoker and depised it. Then I lost her, and thought, "Stuff it, I need to turn my life around" plus got grabbed by the NHS whilst trying to hastily exit Asda with some beers, so thought "Why the hell not!?"

Whatever your reasons, good luck.

I have to stay strong

I have to stop smoking. If not for me, for my little daughter. It is difficult and depressing. But I am so happy now, I'm at peace that I am not endangering my families with this bad habit. And I feel so renewed, food taste better, I can breathe better, and I have more energy.

I hope its not to late to quit. I hope that I will still live long for my loved ones.


Hi Mikey,

Welcome & well done on your quit.

It is never too late to stop & I am sure your little girl will be very proud of you.

Keep strong, you can do it.

Gaynor x

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