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Working away from home again

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I'm off to a conference early tomorrow and won't be back until late Friday. I may not be able to get on the net while I'm away. I'm a little apprehensive because I went away working a couple of weeks ago and came back and slipped up the night of my return. But having occasional trips away is a feature of my job so I guess I'll have to get used to it.

One of the things I aim to do when I'm a bit more well off (I've saved £160 by not smoking so far but it's all earmarked for council tax :( ) is to buy myself a laptop so when I'm in my hotel room at night I can come on here (and facebook!) and keep my quit focused.

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Hi Sue,

I can relate to your situation - I'm in a similar one - well kind of this weekend and early next week.

My t'other half is going away for a few days over the weekend until early next week to visit her mum - first time (well we've spent the odd night or two apart) this has happened since I quit oh ummm 72 days ago!!

So - its a new trigger moment I guess. Almost a 'she wont know' thought running through my mind.

Cant let this damage what I've done so far. 72 days. Feeling fitter. Healthier. £300 better off. More focused. Cleaner teeth. Cleaner/clearer skin. Positive outlook.

GOOD LUCK IN YOUR QUIT. STAY QUIT. It has to be the only option.


I thought I'd update this thread. I survived the conference - I didn't smoke. It wasn't easy - they had provided a lovely little smoking area outside - nice benches and lovely view. It seemed almost a crime not to use it. ;-)


Well done for surviving the conference!

And how very rude of them to provide a "decent" smoking area!!! At least you didn't use it though. :D

Glad you kept focused. Well done.

Me too. It was hard this last weekend. I mean really hard. There were more moments of I want one than there has been since the early weeks of my quit (12th Jan -- day 80 I think in the next day or so).

But I didnt give in - sheer determination, stubbornness got me through. I hope I dont have another episode like that again!

Good luck all

I'm glad to hear you're still quit Paul. Every few days I seem to come across a new trigger. Last night a friend came round to watch a movie and he had to go outside for a smoke break. I wanted a smoke break too! But I think to myself "I've come this far - I'd be crazy to go back to smoking now!"

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