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Woop Woop......One month complete

Hi Everyone,

Today I have completed my first calander month. Good decision to quit in February me thinks ;)

I cannot tell you how much my health has improved & much of it happened so quickly.

1) My breathing has improved enormously. I still get out of breath a bit but not in the struggling & need my inahlor kinda way. Have put them away now.

2) My cough disappered almost immediately. No more feeling like I am drowning & my chest rattling & wheezing with every breath.

3) My circulation has improved enormously. My Left leg used to look a bit purple & my feet as well. My toes are a lovely pink colour now. The twitching & painful cramps I got in my left leg hardly happen at all now.

4) My skin glows & is far less dry now.

5) I do not smell vile, neither do my clothes, breath etc.

6) I have not spent £144 on ciggies & added almost 2 days onto my life.

There are many more improvements I could add but the top 3 are the most important.

I hope this will help any newbies to see what benefits there are even in such a short space of time. On days when it seems just too much, hang on in there, the benefits are just too great to lose :D

Lots of love, Gaynor x

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yay well done! It's nice to see some benefits, isn't it!

I just thought about the circulation thing. I'd not had as cold hands or feet recently, but was thinking it was because it's gotten warmer. But maybe the quitting smoking helped too! :)


Well done - I will send you what I received.

One month is a great feeling isn't it. You realise you can do this.


Hi Gaynor,

Great to see you being cheerful, positive and optimistic. Love it! Well done on the first month done, on into Month 2 now.:D



xxxxxxxxxxxxxx SOoooooo Proud of u ...OUR QUIT xxxxxxxxxxx & dont forget it xxxx xx


Pics ive not mastered yet..but a huge bunch of ure fave flowers & chocs would be in the sending xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx :)


Thank you Deke, I will indeed barge my way through month 2.

Thanks candowilldo. At what stage are you classed as being at the top of the mountain LOl. Feel like I am there already because in my mind I know I am never going to smoke again, it's no longer part of my life nor ever will be :D

Ajikan, glad to hear your circulation has improved as well, def down to the quit me thinks ;)

Mr Scrubber is on his way back as we speak Chrissie. Thanks for the loan of the others, I am sure they will prove most usefull. Do you have one that does Ironing though? Am about to tackle the hugest pile you have ever seen in your life :rolleyes:

Am feeling So good today, all boingy as zozie would say :D

Love Gaynor xx


Thanks for the beautiful flowers & choccies Kitkat. I will have to hide them from hubby though as he is a choccy fiend LOL.

Do you know what, I can actually SMELL those flowers for once as well :D

Love Gaynor xx


Hi Gaynor :D

That's fantastic news a whole month smoke free and so pleased you're feeling the benefits already

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Well done gaynor

great post very inspiring :D and positive



Well done Gaynor - what a star!

I'll be there on Wednesday!

Stay strong


ayyy now we are getting somewhere!!! 1 cal month quit is a bounding start to a good quit!!!

The good thing now is the way the forums are laid out in that you move to the next forum now and you get to stay in that one a whole month.. so you can spread your stuff out in the room more now :)

Hope their fridge is as well stocked as it was when i was there!!

Well done, and heres to a nice 2nd month !



Well done...

Well done Gaynor, only a day behind you and thanks for earlier - we can go through to month 2 together.



Thanks June & Marg :D

Steph, nearly there hun. Will be looking out for your post :D

Jase, at long last hey! Hope the fridge is not too stocked up unless it's healthy stuff (did I just say that :eek:)

Your welcome Chris, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in month 2, yippee.

Gaynor xx


Big well done Hunny counting in months now. You go girl.xxxxx


Gaynor well done

1 month done and dusted you are well on your way now...



Thanks Linda & Lorna,

Half way through the first day of month 2 LOL. Can't wait to post that completed month 2 thread :D

Gaynor xx


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