One more week till month seven completed

Seven months without any nicotine and no persistent craving in fact i actually craved a cigarette last week and it came as a surprise as i do not think of smoking or nicotine anymore. I am less breathless and i actually think or imagine i can feel the cleanliness of the air in my lungs. Worse side effects for me was my gums bleeding when brushed which has improved recently and the weight gain. An increase in two sizes is definitely caused by eating all day in the beginning and now getting christmas out of the way i am going to try to cut back on the biscuits and sweets that filled in for the nicotine originally. All this aside i intend to continue not smoking as i do feel better in myself and whereas I used to feel sluggish and tired i now feel energetic and buoyant and definitely healthier. Plus if i did have a cigarette or go back full time smoking i know i would just want to give up again as i do not want to smoke or be a smoker so may as well keep going with this attempt. Want to give a I wish everyone the drive to beat the craving :)

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  • Welcome Mandy and huge congratulations on reaching 7 months, that is great. Thanks for sharing! You seem to be comfortable in your quit, well done and keep going!:)

  • Congratulations Mandy & well done!

  • Hi Mandy ...Welcome and well done on your 7 months... Definitely a rediscovery of life for me also on 7 moths now... I enjoyed every moment although i will never say it was a walk in the park..!!

  • Thanks all for your comments and Hercu I also would not say it was a walk in the park at times it drove me to distraction. However I do feel better in myself and hope to remain optimistic about not smoking again. I am glad you are still going as i believe we started on the site around the same time. Just want others to realise the cravings do improve and if anyone looks through earlier messages i made they can see that i have become more optimistic about continuing as a non smoker and that the hell of the initial quit does improve.

  • Great encouraging post Mandy, thanks!

  • Brilliant attitude there Mandy you are quite right, "it's never ok to have just one as you will just wish you were where you are right now" keep it up :) x

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