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Waking up so early this week!!

I have nearly done 2 weeks CT now and am really getting my hard round my quit now.

One thing I have noticed is that I am consistently waking up at around 5-6 am and then not being able to go back to sleep. The strange thing is that i don't feel tired, in fact better in the morning than I have for years. I'm sure it's all gonna catch up with me, but right now I feel great!

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Good for you edders:D

Gosh, I wish I was waking early. Am having real probs getting to sleep at the mo then waking as late as 10 in the morning. Off work at the mo which is just as well but really annoyed as it feels like half the day is wasted :mad:

You continue to feel great & enjoy your new life.

I am gonna set my alarm LOl.

gaynor x


Well done Edders:D

Im the opposite, love my sleep too much to be waking up too early lol

I do wake because of my cough... but take a sip of water and then i am snoring again within minutes :cool:

You keep feeling great matey and your on too a winner because of being so positive.. well done again



Brilliant edders 2 weeks done..amazing... good stuff mate xxxx xxxx:)


Well done! I'm on Day 15 today and I had that last week too. Waking up super early feeling like I could get up and take on the world!!! Struggled to get back to sleep too and also found falling asleep in the first place difficult! Glad to say it's settled down now though. Still have the odd morning like today where I wake up early. Carry on!! It's well worth it!

Well done!! :D

M x


Cheers everyone. I can't beleive that tomorrow it will be 2 weeks under my belt! Feeling good and positove fo rthe next week.

It's raining here - Glad I don't have to go outside - Brrrrrrr


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