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No Smoking Day
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need a wake up call

DAY 15!!

I need someone to come round my house every morning at the moment to say come on princess out of bed.

I wake up and sit up in bed and I just sit there day-dreaming. I looked at the clock this morning and i had been sitting there for 20 mins. I couldnt even remember what I was thinking about. I think I might be becoming a zombie!!

mmm brains.... something I need ;)

hope all is well in quit-topia :-D

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*do not say it princess*


Im just soooooooo tired!

I had 10 hours sleep so moose knows why!


How about you put your alarm clock on the other side of the room hun?

They you *have* to get out of bed to shut it up!!



I could offer to poke you with my lance in the morning,if that might be agreeable :p

Your best Knight,

Sir Max x

You're as bad as KK :p


Hi princess I'm on day 17 now myself, I know how u feel with fatigue. For me personally I went for a 4 mile run this morning and now I'm feeling great and up for anything. But even on days I don't feel like running I just get myself up and go for a nice long walk :) just try ur best to get out there and keep yourself busy with something to get ur new smoke free lungs working for you! Good luck and happy new year.


thanks guys and gals.

I think I will have to put the alarm clock on the other side of the room and not get back in to bed.

Cold mornings are a poop! just want to stay snuggly in my duvet!

Wow! 4 miles Teddy? Golly Gosh! I cant even run a bath without feeling tired :p


ive decided to have a quiet(ish) new year eve tonight. Im not going to the pubs or parties where that naughty fag monster is.

Im spending it with my other half in his smoke free house with a few bottles of bacardi breezer and BBC 1 london fireworks I think

There will be plenty of time to party when its not raining and super expensive. Our local is charging £20 to get in, can you believe that! pfft! I got the rage on :mad:


Yeh, right old rip-off isn't it?

We used to do the pub thing but these days we have friends around (we take it in turns as to who hosts each year).

Have you woken up yet Princess? :)


im still tired.

Ive got a desk job staring at a screen all day which isnt helping.

coming on here helps my brain perk up a little though :cool:


Hmm I might take a trip into town and have a look on the weekend.

They have things to help you sleep, maybe they have a counter herb or something. Good idea Debbeh!

oou has anyone ever tried that stuff you spray on top of your eyelids....actimist or something? I wonder if that works


They have things to help you sleep, maybe they have a counter herb or something.

Make sure it's a legal herb :p


Hehe, imagine what the colleagues would say!

I will try that though, many thank yous for you. I dub thee royal nurse of quit-topia :D


Day 17

still trucking on

Successfully made it in to the new year as a non smoker! woohooo

I managed a drink with out gremlins! YES! big achievement for me!

I love party poppers! I might have to use them on my other milestones!


Hurrah for the Princess!! :D

BTW- I have some party poppers left over from NYE. I shall save them for you. :D


Yes please skiddy. :p

how are you today anyway? :)


day 18

I woke up abit better this morning. Hopefully this is the start of the fatigue going away!

My appetite has increased though. I have cravings for pizza and roast potatoes and gravy.

A decaf coffee will have to do until I get home for lunch.


Day 21

Made it through another weekend

Im very sad today as my pet rabbit 'snowy' died yesterday and I just took him to the vets to say goodbye...

I was tempted to get a pack of 10 from the shop next door and skip work.

But i didnt, and Im at work now

I feel sh*t :-(


thanks debs


So sorry, Princess :(

You must be heartbroken..

Lots of virtual hugs from me.

And well done for not caving in and buying fags. That shows real guts.


thanks everyone xx


Awww princess Im sorry :(


day 23

oh nooo im out of step 2 patches!

I have cut a step one patch in half, i hope this will work D:

Turns out my bunny had a stroke and there was nothing anyone could have done. Bet it was all this poop weather we are having!


Oh no sorry to hear about your rabbit :( xx


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