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No Smoking Day
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Newbie 3rd Day Cold Turkey

Hi all Im a newbie to the forum and quitting smoking

Firstly my quit has been long overdue and am so ashamed to say that Im 20 weeks pregnant. Its taken me this long because I hold my hands up, I wasnt ready and just did not have the willpower even for my baby girl, but Thursday night its like I saw the light and made the decision to finally quit!

I had 4 puffs Friday morning then stubbed it out and threw all my fags, ashtrays and lighters in the bin.

I have decided to go Cold Turkey with no NRT because I feel its right for me (completely respect people who use any method to quit) I just dont want to be nicotine dependant anymore and for me going CT is the fastest route.

So far :

Day 1 (Fri) wasnt too bad, I was a little bit jittery, keep wanting to play with my fingers so sucked on lollies practically all day. I was a little on edge in the evening and resorted to sucking on a pen lid as if I was smoking.

Day 2 (Sat) morning was great not really having cravings until I had been up 2 hours then had the few thoughts of wanting one, of course didnt give in. Then bang 2pm came and I was like a demon snapping and getting angry even at the smallest thing like running out of ketchup lol I then got really upset and cried alot (until I was red and puffy eyed) pregnancy hormones probably didnt help. I was ok then until the evening when I got a bit down and depressed but as soon as I was tired I felt fine (I never smoked when tired).

Day 3 (Sunday/today) so far so good Im quite surprised actually but a little on edge that this may be the calm before the storm. Woke up at 9am had breakfast and bottled water. I havent really thought about them too much but then saying that Ive been busy with the kids today and we had the in laws over for roast so I suppose thats taken my mind off them.I am actually quite surprised at so far how easy today has been and I sooo wish the next few days will be like today as I havent felt too stressed at all.

How is everyone else doing ?

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well done for quitting and i dont think you should be ashamed its not a easy thing to do if it was nobody would be smoking..

congrats on baby :)

chew pens i still am ;) and has for crying i should of carried a mop and bucket with me :o

good luck with your quit come on here you will get lots of support and advice



Hi princessdwarbie

Firstly contratulations with your baby girl

The best decision you ever made - quitting :) for you and your baby

Well done on getting to day three!

It will get easier day by day!

Keep reading & posting - it will help

I've quit for 16 days so far

Never thought I'd get to 24 hours!



Hi Princess,

Welcome to the forum & well done on your decision to quit.

Huge congrats on the baby as well :D That will be the biggest incentive ever to do this. No body here would judge you at all I am sure of that. After all, we all know how hard it is to stop at any time.

My boys are 26 & 27 & I never managed to quit while pregnant apart from a few days here & there. Wasn't frowned on as much then I guess either :rolleyes:

Wish you all the luck with it, read loads, post often. Someone is always around to help :D

Gaynor x


Well done on deciding to quit and for what better reason!

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

I commend you for going CT.

I tried in 2 of my pregnancies to quit using NRT and failed.

I wish you all the luck you need and sending some ~~~Positive Vibes~~~ your way.

Nikki x


Wow thanks for the warm welcome everyone it sounds like you are all doing/have done so well with your quit, I look forward to the day where those nasty little sticks dont even register on my radar :)

As pleased as I am for quitting with this pregnancy, I cant help but feel guilty about when I didnt quit before with my boys. I had successfully packed in when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and didnt start again until after I stopped breastfeeding, although I was only on 5 a day. Then with my boys (dont know why I even started again) I was smoking 15 a day with my 1st son and 20 a day with my 2nd.

My eldest son has mild dyspraxia, he had to have speech therapy and was slow walking and running etc but now seems like a normal healthy 5 year old boy. I do question though if it had been my smoking causing this minor disability and if so how come my 2nd son has been fine from birth whereas I smoked more with him. Who knows, it could just be coincidence or that my 2nd son was lucky.

As for this pregnancy, Ive had no health scares whatsoever with her but Ive had braxton hicks (the practice contractions) regularly which is normal with subsequent babies and I have wondered if she will come early because of them, Ive had 2 horrible nightmares recently where I dreamt she was born prematurley and didnt survive and the common knowledge that smoking in pregnancy can lead to low birth weight, premature birth, birth complications, etc ...

I just knew I had to quit for her, myself and to kind of make it up to my boys for not quitting with them. My hubby has smoked for years and always had trouble when trying to quit and always failed.

Anyway so he came in from work late last night and told me he had his last fag at 11pm, and that he was quitting to, because of the relapses before Im still unsure whether he will do it.

I know he hasnt had any today at all as he hasnt been anywhere but home with me, he was a little grumpy and is asleep now but he's done almost 24 hours so I cant blame him and am so happy for him.

I think if he succeeds it will really help me quit as Im ahead of him, I will be more worried about him re-lapsing and not so worried on any cravings I have and I know if he makes it to the 7 day mark I will get him a present as a prize.

Ok, so sorry for reeeeaaaalllly long post lol will close now :eek:

Sarah x


well done for trying to give up, your baby girl will thank you for it. random thought, does that count as passive smoking? Lol :)

find inspiration and the willpower from your pregnancy to kick the habbit, and definately consult your GP about quitting aid.

hope it all goes well for you



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