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Day 17 and wanna stuff my face

OMG what is going on did really well my first 2 weeks of quit managed to not eat anything extra and did not put on any weight (do the nicotine patches stop you putting on weight) but the last few days I just wanna eat anything and everything. I wake up in the morning thinking of breakfast after breakfast start obsessing about lunch and then about my dinner. I just can't seem to stay full for very long at all if I carry on the way I am I will be like the back of a bus. Just can't stop snacking :)

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One thing at a time!

I did the same Tracey, still am actually! I said to myself i would eat everything in sight for the first month and then start watching my weight, but got to the end of a month and extended it to 3!!

I figure that we've given up smoking which is a massive achievement, so everything else can wait!

I haven't actually put on that much, so fingers crossed it stays that way, as if my appetite stays like this I will look like an elephant before long!!!


17 days is great dpn't worry about the eating for now hun one thing at a time eh


Hi Tracey,

Well done on your quit :D

Echo the others & would say focus on your not smoking, if you want to eat, eat. Be kind to yourself, the weight will sort itself out. I don't think patches stop you putting on weight, not putting food in your mouth does that LOL :eek:

Gaynor x


Try fruit, raw veg and sugar free gum. I have put on some weight but want to try to avoid putting on too much so am trying to avoid the obvious chocolate and biscuits (although looking forward to Easter, got loads of money to spend on easter eggs :D).


Congrates for making it to where u are! (i'll be there one day)

You could also try carrying a water bottle around with you, when we fill up on water we don't tend to eat as much.

Or you could put locks on all the cubboards ,lol, just being cheeky:p.

Good luck xo


I am sorry but this thread has made me giggle so much, what is happening to you is what happens to about 94% of us, there are the odd 6% who just stop smoking and never eat anything they wouldn’t normally have eaten, me I have had a weight thing since about 14 so have never allowed myself to put weight on unless I wanted too, and when I have put it on e.g. holidays and Christmas, straight after them I cut down and lose the weight within a week or two, so no prob till 12 weeks ago when some lunatic in my head decided to stop smoking, which I am not happy about, they could have consulted me first LOL but I am now like you I eat breakfast and then I am preparing lunch and OH will say what you doing and I realise its only about half 10 and I’m ready to eat again, but then I discovered Jelly Babies they are Fat Free so great I ate Loads and put more weight on, then I realised they are not calorie free, the best thing to do is like Molsta said carry round a big bottle of water, but it’s no good drinking it, I hit myself over the head with it and eventually I get so brain dead I don’t remember what food is LOL

so if you find some magic way to eat as much as you want and not get fat then you have got it made you will be a millionaire Good Luck xx


I love the responses that I have got I am now sitting at my desk at work with a bar of chocolate a portion of chips and a bag of crisps planning on what I can have for my dinner when I get home in an hour . I will of course buy some celery and carrot sticks to eat in between coz I think that makes all the fattening stuff calory free and lets face it eating celery uses up more calories eating and digesting it that is actually in it so I should lose weight. On a more serious note I will take everybodies advice and not be so hard on myself.:D


I hear you, Tracey! I am hungry all the time. I have put on 6 kilos which is OK but I don't want to put on anymore. But I prefer creme eggs and cheese to seeds so it is a constant battle.


I was the same this week from day 17 Tracey and it's really got me down. I've been eating loads of caramel Snack a Jacks, they taste naughty but arent too bad! The hunger's worn off a bit today though.

Catherine :)


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