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My Day 5

Thanks for all your support and replies to my thread yesterday. Managed to make it through the day! Took my patch off last night at about 6pm as it was really irritating my skin and I was in bed for 10pm! Had a great sleep and slept soundly all night. Feeling better this morning. Haven't put another patch on, but I've got the inhalator in my jacket pocket should I need it. Hoping for a better day today. Still feel like all I want to do is go and buy some cigarettes but also, I know that I'm on day 5 and I don't want the last working week to have been for nothing!

I hope you are all getting on well and that your days are becoming easier?

M xxx

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Good morning M, (do I sound like Bond) ??

Day 5, fantastic, and a good nights sleep that can make a huge difference.

If you need to put the patch on, put it on, the only thing you have to do is not smoke and if the patches help then stick one on.

Your right you do not want to do the last 5 days again so stay strong, you are well on your way to a whole week. Things do get easier as time goes by and it is sooo worth it.


Congrats fellow day 5'er!

Hey M

I got some knock-out-drops and I too had a good night's sleep last night :)

Like you I'm still fighting the urge to go buy some baccy, but my reasonable part of my brain is screaming NOOOOOO you will have to go through all that physical withdrawal all over again.

Deep Breaths....!

I'm actually beginning to feel less greasy,spotty and 'bleurgh' and am actually feeling quite healthy today :D


Yeah I think I'm starting to feel less yucky too but just feel like all I'm doing all day is eating!!! Sat at my desk all day long, eating whatever I get my hands on! Today's my first day patch free and so far, it's been ok.

I'm supposed to be going out with friends tonight to a concert but I've cancelled, I don't think I can handle a social setting yet! I'll be back on them straight away!

M xx


ranting getting me through

:mad: not too good for me today, everybody and evrything just f ...+)(*&^ me off, even drove 13 miles the wrong way cos i was too busy ranting in my cab :( and forgot where i was going :( missed my turning.

at home now with a brew and no smokes :(

hope tomoro is a chilled out day and im all happy again


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