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day 3 with champix


well so far so good, just had my tea and it would usually be light up time with a brew ......yum !!!

but that was the old me now its have a brew and some grapes :rolleyes:

i do get a little ughhh after taking champy champix but that soon passes,

didnt think it would be this easy actually. picked my quit date at day 10

30-50 a day roll ups no filter

well done me

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Hi Dave and welcome to the forum.

Yeh instead of lighting up come on here, very good idea.

Glad you are finding it easy, but remember to stay strong, there will be good days and bad days, but some people do find quitting easier than others.

Read the links and post often.


Hi Dave

I hope your quit stays nice and manageable for you. It's good to know that happens for some folk and it's encouraging for new members to read.

I didn't go the Champix route but have read that eating something before (for some folk) or just after (for others) helps with reduced feelings of nausea.

Stay quit and keep with the grapes and other good distractions in place of the negative habit that was smoking.

All the best to you


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