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34 days xxxx

34 days probably dosnt sound a lot..but to me it is by far the best...I ran with my little boy part way to school today (lol!!) & didnt feel out of breath xx..little things like running up & downstairs all day is nothing anymore...not overloading food as much.........Love smelling my hair when ive washed it..actually like smelling people who have just had a fag, not because i like it. Just reminds me that i dont smell like that anymore x x watching people huddled outside a shop or wherever dragging a fag dead quick ..I dont laugh at them..its just another reminder to me......... xxxxxxxxxx Must admit still love the smell wen someones smoking nearby (bit of a deep breath in sometimes lol) ...& i do find some days easier the others ....But on the whole this quit is cleverly helping me along more then me trying too hard xxxxx

another bit of useless info for you to read xxxxxxxxxlol

ta for listening once again in xxxxx

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well done to you 34 days :)

i know what you mean about not smelling of smoke.. didnt realise how bad i must of smelt :mad:

i was watching a group outside a pub the other night while at traffic lights and this one woman almost looked in pain as she took a puff her checks went in it did not look like she was enjoying herself :rolleyes:

so lets hope we never look like that again it scary :eek:



I was in Asda & a guy walked past me, he must of had a quick fag before coming into the shop & HE STANK really bad i had to move well away from him before i urged. :o:p


hey june lol ha ha totally agree very scary:eek: xxxxthanks for reply never again xxxx



Not useless information at all Kitkat! Well done on 34 days!!

There's a woman i chat to in the mornings while waiting for a train, I didn't even realised she smoked before, but now when I see her all i can think of is "god she stinks!". Then I realised that I didn't notice before because i must have smelt exactly the same! Eww.:o

Anyway, lost count of days, but not many behind you!! Over 1 month anyhoo, so that's the main thing!!




34 fantastic days

Are u joking 34 Days sounds alot, U have done brilliant, Stay Strong and the weeks will turn into Months very shortly....Kaz x:p


A Huge well done to you KitKat.

You atitude is just great this time, so positive. I know this is the one for you :D

Even I am on day 16 today LOL ;)

To any guests thinking about taking the plunge tomorrow, I can safely say DO IT, IT WILL BE THE BEST THING YOU EVER DO. Come & join us, the water is just fine :)

Gaynor xx


Thank you for all posts 35 now xxxx we all doing so well xxxx:D

Good times xxxx gaynor couldnt agree with you more xxx im swimming xxxxx

loving it xxxxx:p


Hi Kit-E-Kat my ittle friend do not underestmate the greatness of 34 days it is one hell of an achievement, You are so good for me and I will never be able to thank you enough for chewing through that rope, Go Girl Go we Loves ya xxxx


NO jamangie its 35 days now!!:p an extra day is so important xxx

tasted nice the rope actually lol chewchew xxx:p



Just for you my ittle mat 35 DAYS



:Durm a ikkle bit unsure whether i am 35 days or still on 34 :p:D ooops..getting carried away wiv the quit!!! need to do a recheck ..xx all well regardless xx lol xx


well it must be at least 35 by now so well done you. Big pat on the back!

It keeps getting easier ... remember to remain resilient though!

Keep it up :D

Jen x


:Durm a ikkle bit unsure whether i am 35 days or still on 34 :p:D ooops..getting carried away wiv the quit!!! need to do a recheck ..xx all well regardless xx lol xx

Oooh don’t loose count kitkat…. I rely on your updates to keep count as we both quit on the same day :) well done to both of us.


thanks guys xxxx

lmao burney ha ha my likkle quit buddy hadnt realised awh so chuffed now xx never had a same dayer before in pre attempts xxx..i think its 35days today !! oops was getting carried away with my quit lol....i packed in after lunchtime on the 3rd just adds to the xxxxxxxxxx going good xxxxxxxx bit of a cr=p start however school n kids u know!!! ...i was a little late for 6year olds assembly thing at school!!! coz i at to drop the younger one off at preschool first!!! by god he was hearbroke!!! sniffling on the stage....had a crave moment of feeling a terrible mother...promised to get him some matchattack cards!!! for doing good.....bribery always..he was still sniffling ....need to clone myself lol xxx

however loving the fact i didnt need to smoke xx not anymore ..catch me:p


Hi there Kitkat

I last fed the NICO demon at 8.00 am 35 days and 12 hrs ago according to my abacus lol. But yeah am classing it as day 35... Won’t be a ikkle quit buddy for long the way the pounds are piling on:eek: but will be staring to tackle that next week. Well done!!! You for overcoming a stressful morning and hope your little one’s happier now. Bribery always worked on my son when he was little (still does).


Thanks burney :D bribery was good..went the dentist this afternoon..that wasnt good...injections..fillings.....scrape n polish!!!:eek: expected super white hollywood smile teeth!! now i dont smoke lol haha however i didnt quite happen.....:eek:i now want my money back lol xx feeling all tired at the trauma ..xx:p xx well done happy 35 birthday to us burney xx


Hi kk

Another busy day for you by the sounds of things…. With all the midget gems and lollies I’m eating I will need all the money I’m saving for my next dentist visit:eek: Day 36 nearly done bring on 37:cool:



How many days now hollywood smile kitkat????

G x


lmao..ha ha yeah a big nice hollywood smile that reflect the light :D ta gaynor 36 days.....incredible xx n wot day u up too? :)

hey burney bring on day 37 wotever it brings to us xx my ikkle sameday quit buddy xxx


I am dazzled by your smile & 36 days :D That like yours? :D

I am on day 18 or 19. 18 I think :rolleyes: so half way behind you :p

G xx



that smile is for you. you earnt it!

congrats kitkat. really happy for you. stella effort girl! :)


:D:D **ping***

i see u gaynor x im leading the way with my bright smile lol dazzling you alongxxx hows it going?

thanks bman..smiling all day now:D ..hows u doing mate? xx

actually my smile aint that hollywood but hey ho...fantasy is good

37 days in....burney keep check xxlol



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