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Social Group for March 2010 quitters

Dear all,

Happy Friday to you!

I set up a social group for everyone who quit in March 2010, I was (and still am as I couldn't bare to leave em) part of the De Novos, it's really good to stay in contact with ppl at the same stage as you are.

So please click on Quick Links... Go to Social Groups and join the March To Freedom 2010 Group :D

See you there ;)

Mixxy xx

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Signed up :)


I signed up too Mixxy.

Day 5 today and it's felt easier than yesterday. I actually forgot about smoking all together on a couple of occasions. Been very busy at wotk though, that helps.

Hope everyone is doing well

Catherine :D



Just giving this a bump, if your quiting in March, why not join us in the group.


Only on day 2 here - count me in though! :D

We need a signature with a link to the group ;)


Sig link

Hope this works,

just copy & paste into your sig and replace the :( with a [ and replace the :) with a ]


Join the :(URL=""]March to Freedom! 2010[/URL:) social group.


Did you have that sig already when I posted on this thread?

I swear this lack of nicotine is making me scatty as hell LOL! :rolleyes:

Thanks - I've added the sig :D


Hehe, no you inspired me to get it :D



I am still going mad in other ways but relieved that I hadn't failed to spot something that obvious!


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