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Roll Call for Oct 2010 Quit Group

This is a small roll call for all the members of the Lovelly Oct 2010 Quit Group. Can all members still going strong please sign the register and a BIG WELL DONE TO US ALL.

Im doing brilliant, getting nearer to 15 weeks now. Whooo hoooo x

Let us all know how your all doing please

Please just add a post to say how your doing, that way its like signing a register. :)

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October quit group!

Hi Jo, Not sure how to sign the register for the Oct quit group!

Well done to everyone Love Crystal xx


Here Miss :D


signing in

09/10/10 xx nutty


£ 672

holy cow !


Thats a whole holiday right there Lemsip!!!

BTW, why are you called lempsip?? If you don't mind my asking, if you do just ignore me :D:D

Sian xx


:Dstill here!!! x x x x cant believe how well we're all doing x x x :D

15 week 1 day = 108 days

2134 cigs NOT SMOKED - scary:confused::eek:



here miss

10/10/2010 sir yes sir,

money saved £700 mo fo pounds .

17 weeks and 2 days since a smoke

not smoked 2430.87 cigs :D:D:D


Hi there to you all

New to the forum, but i was following forum for a few months.

And this is definatly helping me !

Greetings Herbie

quit date 18 october 2010

(40 a day)


Hi Herbie and Welcome,

Well done on your quit and again let me welcome to our Oct quit Group.

Keep us updated on your quit and again a big well done from me.


Im here too.

stopped 4 months ago tonight.



Hi to all us Oct quitters, well done one and all.:cool:


me and tia quit the same time . we rock haha :p:D:eek:


Yep, still here and still going strong. Now beginning to smell how bad the cigarette smell really is. I can even smell if someone walking past me on the street is a smoker even if they don't have one! My taste buds haven't changed but my sense of smell is wicked!;)

NuttyNurse and I quit the same day!


donno Sian don't even like the stuff, nice packet though and it has been with me since i was at uni , well done everybody .


stopped at the end of the month, so i'm just hanging in there, 107 days, over 300 pounds saved

scary to think i used to smoke around 5000. FIVE THOUSAND! cigarettes a year.


still here... just !



I'm here :) Not been around much lately but i'm still off the fags (dunno how, sometimes!)


Hi im still here and going strong. 5 months for me too. Yippee. Well done to everyone in the oct quit group, roll on 6 months:D


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