No Smoking Day
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The Negatives of smoking on day 3 are following me *lol*

As my usual routine would be to get up as soon as my eyes open to go have that morning cigarette(s) was no longer an option I found myself just laying in bed, I didn't even get up to get the kids up I just hollowed from my bed *lol* while laying there I didn't feel the need to a cigarette at all and didn't all morning until about 3 O'clock when I had a coffee and since then I have had a few cravings so I kept myself busy.

I went to the hospital today to visit my Farther-in-law and while I was waiting in the waiting room, there were all these heath magazines on the table and the first one I picked up told of the story of a lady from Dover who was a very heavy smoker who was shocked to find out she had lung cancer and how she managed to fight her 60 a day habit! I keep looking out for all the negatives of smoking but I am starting to think the negatives are finding me but either way It helps me fight of the little cravings.

Today has been a little harder than the last two days but still I am getting though it and I intended to do the same on day 4 5 6 7 8 100 and so on.

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Hi Kerry and well done! I'm nearly through Day 3 too and it's certainly been tougher, but I keep remembering what folk have said here ... it gets better!

I'm ashamed to say I could go through 5-6 cigs from gettin up to leaving for work :mad: so I've found I had extra time today. Might have a bit longer in bed from tomorrow!

Was also reminded of the negatives when I collected my script for high blood pressure medication. Doubt I'd be taking them if I hadn't started smoking!

I have the armoury of patches, minis, gum, the lot! Whatever it takes?

Hope day 4 goes well for us

Catherine :D


Firsties 3 days

Evening Ladies

Apologies for delay in response, first 3 days are a real achievement and you need to keep going, it does get easier, on day 3 I was off my head with withdrawal and have now stopped for 9 months - it's the best present I ever gave myself.

I won't lie there will be days when nothing but gritted teeth and willpower keep you quit, those are the hardest but the most worthwhile.

Good luck with your quits, keep posting and keep quit, remember never take another puff.


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