No Smoking Day needs you!

Hello forum members,

Its not often that we ask favours of our members but it is that time of year when we are busy working on the campaign.

No Smoking Day is next Wednesday (as I'm sure that you know). We have lots of activity and an exciting launch tomorrow!

We also have a survey wanting to know how many times to tried to quit before you finally quit - fill it in here and you might win some shopping vouchers

Many thanks


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  • the link appears to be broken

  • It should be working now.

  • Hi,

    When I click on the links it just tells me thanks for taking the survey which I havent (yet). Am I being thick????


  • It should take you through to a 3 question survey.

    Try clearing your cookies and clicking the link again.

  • Hi Mod 3,

    Thanks, cookies deleted & survey taken.

    What is a prive or something draw though lol????

    Gaynor :D

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