7 months in

Well thats it folks 7 months in and I hardly even notice it now. Get the occasional, actually not sure what to call it, it hardly counts as a crave, lets call it a 'cravette' after a few pints - goes away in no time though.

But the best bit is the actual thought of having a fag and even the smell of smoke is so bloody awful now I doubt there is a crave out there that could break me.

Keep it going folks - its well worth it.

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  • congrats SM! same as you, 7 months and loving life. shoulda done this years ago eh?! :o

  • Huge congratulations SM & bman :D

    Gaynor x

  • ahhhhhhhh super congrats on 7 months , 7 months seems so far in to your quit now doesn't it :) Tis great!!! keep this up!!! Well done!

    I still get the odd crave every now n then now, but you just push em to one side and get on with other stuff. usually after lunch i get one now, but it aint much!

  • Hi SM :D

    i322.photobucket.com/albums... 7 months smoke free is fantastic


    Marg xx

  • Well done S.M !

    7 whole months withought a cig is fantastic , and it sounds like you are in total control of your quit............WELL DONE !:cool:

    Best wishes .


    20 a day for 30 years :eek:

    3 months patches

    7 months 3 days C.T

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