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7 months!

7 calendar months today, I have to say things are bit challenging at the moment! Im fighting it though as Im sure having a cig now after all this time would just be damn awful and wouldnt solve anything anyway.

Hope everyone else is doing well in their quits xxxx

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Congratulations on 7 months, Moog! Keep fighting those 'moments'..... they are remnants of your past addiction, nothing more and nothing less. You've done really well, don't even consider ever going back! I know you won't of course ;) WELL DONE!!


WELL DONE TO YOU!! Great to see you doing so well. I too went through a quite horrible patch a couple of months ago. Push on through, the wriggly worms go away! xx


Just adding my support for your 7 months. Excellent stuff and you gotta, as you've recognised, just keep going forward.

One does go up and down but the main thing is continuing to positively affirm that you are:

[*]not going to back down,

[*]not going to reach for a cig,

[*]not going to be controlled by an addiction,

[*]that you are in control of your life.

Keep on keepin' on,



Congratulations Moog on 7 calendar months quit :)

Im sure you can fight it.

We will both make it to the penthouse soon.


Hi Sam :D

CONGRATULATIONS 7 months is great well done you


Marg xxxxxxx


CONGRATULATIONS, Moog!!! 7 months is fantastic. Just keep going strong! Jody


Hey Sam,

Congratulations on the 7 months milestone. Is it just me getting older, or are these milestones slipping past quicker and quicker?!?



Massive Congratulations on 7 months!!!! well done

Moog, exactly how has it got more difficult right now? are the cravings stronger? feelings up the wall? or is there more temptation around you atm?

Only reason i ask is because it might make me understand how i justified a cigar after being quit for 8 months last year.



7 Months is Fab, well done!


Thanks for your replies, its always lovely to read your lovely comments!

Jase, in response, my last serious quit I thought I could have one cig as a "treat" one night after around 7 months, I bought a 20 pack of silk cut as they wouldnt be as bad cos they arent as strong and then preceeded to smoke them all over the following week, then I was fully back in the swing of smoking 20 a day again.

anyway I dont think of fags as treats any more but recently things have got a little bit more stressful and that old feeling of missing my old best friend nicotine tries to creep back. I dont think that however strong that feeling got I wouldnt smoke again because I think about how I felt at week 3 when I really struggled and I never want to go through that again.

I do worry abit about if I encountered some kind of major crisis would I reach for the fags?? I know that before I did I would come on here like I have done throughout my quit and wait for replies, by the time the replies come through that moment of wanting a fag has gone.

that was a good way for me of getting through the bad times, I used to write on here and then just sit at the pc waiting for the replies to come and looking at other posts ( I realise this is probably what everyone else does too!!)

anyway, hope this helps and again thanks all for your invaluable support and kind words xxxxxxx



Yeah sounds like exactly the scenario i had last year.. still, it really does teach you that you are not able to con an addiction and that 1 is never going to be just 1.

Reckon putting that into words probably helped you too a bit eh



Magic 7 months is great. Each time I read that someone tried a cig and it was awful I am glad they were honest as it makes me feel I would never try, not worth it.

Keep up the good work, the years will be upon you soon.



well done moog xxxx im with you all the way


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