No Smoking Day
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Half way through Day 4

Well it's day 4 and I'm feeling pretty good, I had a couple of beers last night and it was strange that I only got a mild inclination to light up rather than the usual 4 smokes per bottle.

The 2mg Gum really seems to be the best method for me, I feel like I'm cheating a bit with NRT but I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel this time, where as with Cold Turkey it felt like an uphill struggle every second of every day.

I'm going to pick up my two year old boy in a minute, going by the phone call I just had he seems in a lets say, enthusiastic mood:) But he is one of my main reasons for quitting.

I always said I would quit when my son was born but two year laters and it's not until I heard the words, "No Daddy, no ciggarette" that it really hit home.

Good luck everyone, hope you have more success over the weekend.

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Hi Goffins :D

Great day 4 and so pleased to hear you're feeling good

You're in no way cheating by using gum to help you especially this early in a quit whatever works is fine

NRT never worked for me and I tried almost every form the was I used Champix this time

Also well done having a drink last night and not craving for one


Marg xx


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