No Smoking Day
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I just wanna cry!!

Sooo had a really good day 2 yesterday... but day 3... just sucks!!

Im totally miserable.. ok lack of sleep aint helping but im a mummy to a 7 month old who is teething.. this can't be helped!

But im so darn angry! at everything!

and im emotional incredibly emotional.. N guess what...

I;ve out on weight :'( I cant do this seriously.. I was losing weight n was doing sooo good but Im sure its going on by the stone n it's making me sooo unhappy ahhh listen to me moaning

Posted by me on day 3.. coz Im sooo unhappy :(

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I am sorry you are so tired, Anna. I remember how difficult it can be coping with a teething baby. You are doing really well. After 3 days, I felt much better and I hope you will too.


Hi Anna, lack of sleep makes everything seem so much worse and teething babies can be a complete nightmare. You do know that having a fag will not stop your baby cutting these teeth and that having a fag will not make you any less sleepy.

I am really sorry that day 3 is been a pig, but you will get through it and think how much happy your baby will be to have a non smoking mum!

Stay strong, sending you a huge hug and loads of PMA, keep posting and keep reading.


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