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No Smoking Day
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Gonna do this cos i wanna be smoke free

Hi All,

Well im new to this forum and need all the help and support going. After nearly 20 years of being a smoker and failing at least twice before i have decided that i am going to do this. I have weak will power so cutting down is helping but i have now been prescribed Champix and i am on day 4 of week 1 so the start of 2 a day on the lower dose. I have taken up knitting and crochet to help me pass the time and stop me being bored and want to smoke and yesterday i only had about 10 or 12 cigs all day which is good cos normally i would have 18 in a day. Anyhow, if anyone out there does start on the Champix i would say so far for me i have not felt sick but i do eat just before i take it and it seems to be working. Later i get to have my 2nd dose and as instructed by the nurse must not have ideally after 5pm, so i will eat something at that time and take my 2nd one of the day. I have another appt with the nurse on the 26th and im hoping that the tables may start to cut in a bit more by then. My quit date is 1st November so my last ciggies will be the 31st Oct but im hoping to quit before that and be smoke free sooner. Any help and advice on curbing boredom and feelings will be greatly received and also any help and support will be appreciated as i really want to do this. Thanks Jo

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I stopped smoking using champix 2 years ago. after being on the champix for about 7-8 days I just couldn't smoke anymore, each cig just tasted worse and worse and I realised that without the receptors in my brain telling me to enjoy it that was what smoking actually tasted like, which was vile.

I did end up smoking again as although the champix helped me to stop physically they can't change whats in your mind. You have to really want to stop to get over the mental craving.

This time I have gone CT and in someways it has been easier although yesterday was hard. The difference I have this time is I want to quit more than I want to smoke. Each craving just makes me more determined to never to it again as it disgusts me that I am craving it at all.

This site is excellent, when I was close to smoking yesterday I came on here and there were people who knew what I was feeling, had an ear to listen and advice to give.

Best advice I was ever given on here was read read read. follow peoples links on their posts (the one one my signature is fantastic) educate yourself and change the way to think about smoking, do this and your well on your way to a successful quit.



Thank you

Hi Levs,

Thank you for your kind words. I will have to have a look through this forum and see what advice others give and how they managed to curb their cravings when they feel the urge. My main concern is the first day without one but i am only just at the beginning of these Champix and dont know for sure yet how they interact with the brain and help you stop as for me its early days. I really want to do this and OMG now i have decided to take up knitting im gonna be making scarves for everyone as i have made 2 in 2 days, im just trying to break that habit.

I only have one pack left which should do me today and part tomorrow but im kinda hoping that i dont have to go out and buy a pack because i feel that it would be a waste of money but until i get a proper dose in my system of the Champix i know because i have low will power it may get the better of me. Im taking it one day at a time and although next Sunday which is my last CIGGY day is a little nerve racking im hoping that with these tabs that by mid week next week that i may be able to quit sooner. I hate the feeling of the cigs being in control and not me, i cant understand why i smoke but i know its a habit and one that i have to break. I am looking forward to people on here helping me get through it and i will share my experiences with others and fingers crossed 2011 will be the start of a new NON SMOKERS year.


I don't think you'll still be smoking next sunday!!

The way I managed through the first few days was distraction. Each time I felt a craving I got busy doing something else, had a sugar free mint and breathed through it. Cravings only last 3 minutes, get through that and your past it.

If you really want this you will quit!!



I dont know if this will help or not.

I decided just to finish the cigs I had and stop from there. I had 4 left in the morning.

One for breakfast. One at coffee break. One at lunchtime. Last one ever at coffee break at 4pm.

I found a pack in the car on the way home from work and drove to my friends house and gave them to her.

I think having a day in mind is like a punishment, its a bit like 'wait till your father gets home'.

Having a set day would set me into a depression, dreading it.

Why not buy a couple of packs and stop when they are finished?

All the best with what ever you decide.


Good idea

Thanks to both of you for your replies. I have been knitting since 9.40am which was when i went for a cig and have managed to go 3 hours without needing one, i have just had one and im hoping that i can go say 3 1/2 hours now without needing one and try and reduce and wean myself down. I actually felt a little light headed when i had that cig just a minute ago and i know that the longer i can go inbetween the easier it may be. Its almost like a bliming curse but of course one i have chosen to get into, i dont know whats worse tbh as i know i dont want them and yet that horrible, nasty nicotine devil keeps on calling me. I have 15 left in a pack which i think i will try and finish that box and just not buy anymore, thats hoping that the tabs that i am on start to kick in a bit more and reduce the cravings i have for the god darn things. I have taken up the knitting and crocheting to help keep me busy and its working, its helping me go longer in between and i know i want to do this. No one has said that I HAVE TO GIVE UP, its purely me saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NOW.

I have even resorted to wearing disposable gloves when i have a cig outside now, it saves the horrid smell that they give and that stays on your fingers when you have that naughty cig. Dont get me wrong, i know its not going to be easy, no way will it be but i am trying to change the mistakes i did in the past and learning from them so that i can get through this. I know in the past i never kept busy, got bored and then back on them. Never finished the course of Zyban, could not be bothered to see the Dr again so went back on them, this time my mind is clear, my finances are in a better shape, i am more determined than ever to make this work no matter how hard and i am going to succeed at this. By having to smoke outside which is what i have done for 5 years the house is fresh and the kids have stayed well, i also dont smoke in the car so thats helped too.

I am not going to just get to the day i have said i am just going to work to the end of the pack and take it from there.

LOL and again thank you.

Jo x


Glad you are geting into the right frame of mind.

I am on day 10 ct.

I find like other people it is noy the cigs it is the adction the you have to understand and work woth.There are plenty of info on the boards about this.

Understand that you are free of nicotine in 2/3 days so it is your mind contiuing with the habit.Say to yourself that each crave or urge will only last max 3 mins and it does't physically hurt.

It is hard but one post says N.O.P.E not one more puff ever.anything one was change the channel evertime the urge comes think about the remote and flick to a channel good things thst do'nt include cigs.Walking,swimming,dancing whatever.

Hope this helps and stick in there.



Thank you Terri for your advice too. I see that your just starting too and going CT must be even worse for you as im on the Champix so have a little help. I am gonna do this, i have 13 cigs left in my pack and then thats it N.O.P.E. As you put it. I hope to get this right this time cos im sick of this bliming addiction and i want it to stop and leave me alone.


Jo x


Just seen your quit date, well done : )


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