I just wanna punch someone!

I'm on day 10 , and was doing ok until i dumped the patches saturday night -yesterday was hell, my poor oh couldnt do anything right, i was just picking fault all the time. I've got a sore throat, feel like cr*p, went to bed at half seven last night - dont want to be at work today, and if anyone so much as looks at me I feel like hitting them. Now in my logical mind I know that this is withdrawal symptoms, but I am not in a logical frame of mind and I am so close to having a ciggie.......in fact last night i put one in my mouth - but I didnt light it (I have lots of ciggies at home - i should throw them out I know but we are talking hundreds, so might try to sell them)

This is my last ditch attempt - i just soooooo want a ciggie and if this awful feeling of cant be bothered to do anything doesnt go soon, then I know i will succumb - any ideas pleaseeeee!

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  • dont do it, fight that nic demon hes just tempting and teasing you.

    think of all the hard work youve done so far! you can and will get through it. I ditched the patches on day 3 and had a whole day without any nicotine yesterday.

    wait for the replies on here and read, read and read again the websites and previous posts

    hang in there xxxxx

  • Hi Debs

    As Moog say's this is the Nic Demons you haven't fed them since Sat night so don't another 24 hrs and it will be out of your system and I promise you it will get better



  • Thanks for the encouragement, am still crawling the walls, but have not relapsed. I have taken the next two days off work, and I am going to blitz my house - spring clean, etc get rid of the smell of smoke on my curtains etc and going to go for long walks as the forecast is so good. Hopefully this will brighten up my frame of mind, I am trying so hard to be positive.

    Thanks to you all

    Deb x

  • Well done for not given in debs, kepp strong and ive found that the link pages lots of people recoemmend on here especially the stop smoking naturally site have really helped, at really bad times i havent written done any pointers from this site that strike a chord with me and then at a bad moment when craving feels bad i read what ive wrote and it is helping, just remember you can do this, we all can do it!

    enjoy your two days off work - what lovely weather.

  • thanks, thanks, thanks - i was soooo close to nipping home for a ciggie (i work 50 yards from my house)but my colleagues convinced me to put a patch back on - as they say its better than a fag!! so am back on patches, gonna try not to beat myself up over this - if it takes longer so be it, guess we all have to do it in our own way.

    Thanks so much - looking forward to my days off

    deb x

  • Hi Debs :D

    Well done for not caving thats great

    And you are so right we all have to do this our own way and as no two people are the same neither are our quits



  • I did the same. Actually was based on reading your advice Jim so thank you! And it worked, though I maybe did not cut them small enough before I stopped!

  • thanks jim for that good advice, i will deffo give it a go - makes sense, my head was just not making sense of anything this morning - feeling much more positive now, mind you i have just been to chemist to pick up my next lot of patches and had to blow in that thing, and it registered 3 which knocked me sideways as I really really havent had 1 single puff - and dont think the pharmacist believed me, but i know its the truth!!!!

    Any way i am taking heart from all of you people who are such a support, thank you all so much - and i hope very soon that i will post something positive, i really feel like i am being a right old whinger - and i am not normally so tomorrow is another day and the sun is shining!!!! I keep thinking about my dear dad, who sadly died 5 years ago from asbestosis cancer and emphysemia and he always used to say "Deb, every day is a good day, some are just better than others" - so true

    love to you all x x

  • Jim, I will tell her that - no worries, I know I aint smoked so thats all that counts, now off to have a couple of hot cross buns with butter....scrummy, il be the size of a house soon lol

    take care

    deb x

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