No Smoking Day
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I wonder ?

Hi All,

A quarter of the way through day 3 for me :D

Just popped out in my lunch hour & when i came out of the supermarket and all I could smell was nasty cigarette smoke :mad: I know, that would have been me a few days ago but not anymore.

Driving back to work though I did think that must be the only drug that we are (where) allowed to use in public & impose on others whether they wanted to be or not? Can't be right I am thinking.

Does this mean I am a committed non smoker now :D :D

Of course I am, but seriously it can't be right can it?

Gaynor xx

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Great to hear from you Gaynor. I agree the smell outside shops is awful, since people can't smoke inside it now stinks outside nearly every business in town. Also I would like to know how that is encouraging young people not to start I thought they did not want them to see people smoking!!



Recently when I've gone into Perth and walked around the shops it actually shocks me now how many people stand outside shops and smoke also how many people walk past you smoking. I know we are all guilty of once doing this, my wife was laughing at me the last time we were there because she noticed me walking past people who were smoking and I was holding my breath.:D

How we change:rolleyes:



:D - funny

I am glad hat you have managed to resist the temptation, Gaynor. :)

Thanks, wasn't tempted at all. Didn't quite hold my breath like Jack lol but walked very quickly to get away from it. Didn't want to breathe in any of that thankyou :D

Hiya Jackie

Apart from anything else do those people standing huddled outside ever look happy? Not very often I seem to remember. Glad I am not going to be part of that group anymore ;)

Gaynor xx


Well done Gaynor day 4 now for you

Love and a Hg

Marg xx


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