first time champix

hi there all.

i just joined this forum, and i thought id let everyone know how i do with my champix tablets,well im on day 8 of my tablets although i got to say i still dont dislike the taste of ciggies but they did take the desire to smoke away a bit anyway.the last ciggy i had was yesterday at 5.00,thats nearly 15 hours ago its a miracle for me lol,got to say though im in a foul mood with anything that moves.this morning.

Anyway i will keep you all updated,and good luck to everyone else too.


ps forgt to say im feeling a bit light headed and a bit of headache this morning i know it hasnt be long since i last smoked but is this because i havent had a ciggy,normally i would have smoked quite a few this morning.

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  • Well done

    15 hours is a long time when you're just starting out - soon you will be saying 15 days!!

    I felt a bit lightheaded and spaced out with my first couple of weeks of Champix too, but seems to have evened out a bit now. Even the strange dreams seem to have stopped - I was enjoying those :(

    Good luck and feel free to rant!!


  • Morning Shaun,

    Well done so far on your quit!

    I quit with Champix and I'm very please to report that I'm a non-smoker! My quit date was the 2nd of Nov 2009.

    I couldn't of got this far without my quit buddy, this forum, my doctor & the champix!

    Good luck & welcome to a smoke free world!!

    Becks :)

  • thx for your reply bex, and well done to you,you did great.

    got to ask, did you find you got irritable and a bit short tempered too.



    ps i know what you you mean about the dreams,wow, they are weird some of

  • Hiya,

    Well done on ur quit...

    I have been quit now for 8 days...and am doing with the lozengers..not champix...

    I too was lightheaded, and had a stinking headache...I think it is one of the effects, of giving up smoking...not matter what quit method you use to be honest with you..

    Hope all goes well for you..xx

  • Hi Shaun,

    Congrats on your decision to quit. The first week is definitely the worse. Short temperedness and snappyness was bad. I felt light headed for the first half of the week I suppose and really spaced out. Bear with it though Shaun. It is really worth it. I cannot stress to you how important it is to get though the first week any way you can. You WILL start feeling human again I promise! :p

    Well done so far. I will keep an eye on your progress

    Jen x

  • hi shaun,

    well done on your quit. i quit with champix too, a week ago, and have had some headaches and was a bit lightheaded the first few days. I think it's normal and related to withdrawal. Still having strange dreams but I don't mind those so much.

    Keep it up and drink lots of water. Can't hurt :)

  • hi shaun

    welcome and well done on your first day - undoubtedly the hardest (in my humble opinion)

    im on day 11 of total quit on champix and couldnt rate it higher. ive had a couple of weeks of mad dreams, nausea and emotional outbursts i didnt even know i was capable of! at one point, I thought i was having an out of body experience looking down on this loopy lou until i realised it was me :p

    Would i go through it again? (or should i say continue to). Too right i would. I still cant believe that ive gone from a life which unknown to me revolved around my next cigarette to one where i now have a life. dont get me wrong, i still crave and still miss it enormously but with the possibilitiy of a smoke free existence ahead will i give in? chance

    keep going, try not to obsess about the side affects as I did. once you stop thinking about them, i think they lessen

    keep it up

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