No Smoking Day
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Day 11...couldnt be happier!!

See how the titles to my days are starting to make me look a little physco?

One day happy, next angry, then sad...:p One extreme to the other!

Today im filled with honour, my best friend asked me to be godmother to her 4 week old beautiful baby girl!

Im so chuffed! :D

Also, my friend has a ciggerette outside today, and i could smell it the other side of the house as that window was open. *gag*

Oh happy days...Ohhhhhhhh happy days....*I dont know the rest of the song* Lol!!!

Hows everyone getting on today ? xx

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Hi Elli :D

So pleased to hear that today is good for you and also you're to be a Godmother as well

Thease mood swings are normal though and mos of us get them


Marg xx


Hi Elli,

Nice work! We will soon be into week 3 what ever that brings:confused:

Who cares, all we should care about is not smoking today:D

Reach for the stars, who knows? you just might makeit;)


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