Back on the ole hoss!

Well here I go again! Day 1 for the 'n'th time, but thankfully I feel quite positive this time.:D It can take a lot to recover from the knock of not succeeding, it blows your confidence and makes the addiction appear 10 times bigger than it is. But here I am, got a leg up back in to the saddle and so far, so good. Certainly have a bit of the lost feeling but not too major yet. Back on the patches.

Jenni :)

P.s. I just told Ace I wasn't going to post in Day 1 again incase i jinxed my quit! I must be feeling more confident than I thought lol!

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  • WELL DONE YOU! Its the worst day. You've made your decision again. Now work on the mental side and lets see you in the penthouse this time next year!

  • Hi Jenni :D

    It's great to see you back in the saddle again hun and am sure that this time you'll be staying right up there

    you sound in better spirits as well hun

    Love and a Hug

    Marg xx

  • Welcome back and well done getting started again.


  • Thanks Fiona, well the Penthouse seems a long way off, but week 3 would be nice if i can make it this time!

    And thank you so much Marg, my lifted spirits have a lot to do with your help and advice:D

    Hi again Jackie, and thanks, I really hope to make the distance this time.

    Having a few odd moments today, especially when smokers have walked past me, or it's been a point in the day I associate with sitting down with a coffee and a cigarette. But I am happy with my decision to stop killing myself, so finding distractions hasn't been too difficult today. One day at a time.

    Jenni xx

  • Come on jenni!!!

    I'ma rooting for you... it took me oodles of attempts before this (dare i say it) successful one.... 3 and a bit months down the line and i can say its been hard.... but its worth it..... if you can break them first 3 days your onto a happy flying start.....

    You CAN do it!

    Promise!!! :D :D

  • Hi Jenni

    Glad to see your back on the quit

    just take one day at a time and plod on

    we will get there in the end


  • Hi Jenni

    Just been back to read most of your past posts.

    Hope you find the equation to quit, you seem to almost get to the line then trip at the last hurdle. Maybe it's the same thing that lets the monster back in everytime.

    Goodluck check back later


  • Hi Zozie, thanks! Your enthusiasm is definitely infectious:D

    And Hi Bill,nice to see you. Yes one day at a time and we will get there. How are you getting on?

    And Hi Gary, who knows what the magic formula is? I think it's called keep trying till you get there :)

    Jenni x

  • Hi Jenni

    I am still hanging in there

    Patches still dont like me

    Got a week over again

    But dont want to jinx myself

    Stay strong


  • You too Bill:)

    Patches don't like me either but I'll do my best to stick it out this time. A couple of people have told me that they felt better on the patches on week 2-3. So fingers crossed we both get to find out if they were right or not!:D

    You'll be there well before me so you can let me know.

    Jenni :)

  • Lol Jenni

    I am like a yo yo

    get so far then the elastic pulls me back to day one

    So if you pass me again grab my hand and drag me with you


  • Jenni all I have to say is

    GO FOR IT BABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Jack xx

  • Hey Bill,

    How about a 3-legged? We can hobble along together!:)

    And dear Jack,

    THANK YOU!!!!:D:D

    I reeeeally hope this is it!

    Jenni xx

  • The amount of weight I am putting on it would be a 3 legged Wobble


  • Hobble - wobble...what's a consonant between friends?:D

    Another day done Bill, here's to tomorrow being just as calorific and smoke free as today!


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