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Week 2

Hi there,

So far i am on day 9 been meaning to post sooner however since day 1 of stoping i have been ill.

I stopped on day 13 of using champix and found it really did help the side effects i had in the beginning did ease.

However the night before i quit felt i was coming down with a cold sore thoat ect. However that only lasted 2 days and since that time i am constantly coughing up mucus and i dont think ive ever blown my nose so much.

Because of this i feel sick and just really run down.

So today i went to the smoking clinic and spoke to the woman and she said what i have has nothing to do with stopping smoking.

So was wondering if anybody else experienced this when they stopped.

I just hope this isnt like the last time i stopped, last year i stopped for 6 months and just never felt well seem to get rid of one cold then got another.

They even tested me for glandular fever so any feed back would be good.

So far i cant say i have craved a cig but am thinking about them alot.

And especially the last day or so as i am getting really fed up of being ill i havent been any were for a week.

Thanks sally

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Hi Sally, Well done on 9 days weed free!!! This is my second attempt using champex. Apart from the nauseous feeling and the sleepless nights all seems well. No cold or flu like symptoms at all. I did feel a little run down at the start of my quit but put this down to the lack of sleep, are you sleeping ok on the champex? On my last quit they reduced the dose because of it.

Good luck Sally



Hi Mark,

Thanks for your response, When i first started on champex i did have a few nights when i couldn't sleep but think that might have passed.

Although at the moment i am not sleeping great due to waking up coughing.

I also did experience the nausea and upset stomach which it seems like alot of people get also.

However so far i do feel the champex has really helped.Have you found it helpful ?

Best of luck in stopping smoking



Hi Sally :)

Well done 9 days is great but sorry you've felt poorly

I beg to differ with the lady at the clinic this is a very common symptom of quitting many of uf get it and it is your bodies way the clearing the rubbish from you lungs it will pass though very soon the runny nose is also a asymptom of quitting

I hope you'll soon feel better hun

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Well done getting 9 days quit, brilliant, from tomorrow you get into double figures. I agree with Marg, loads of people on here had colds and flu like symptoms at your stage, hope it clears up soon. Keep posting and telling us how you are getting on it helps to have others who understand.




Thanks for the messages it is reassuring to know others have been there.

After another night of feeling rubbish i decided to go see my gp and so went first thing. She thought it was common that people get ill well when they stop smoking also. God knows what the woman at the smoking clinic is thinking.

She said i have post nasal drip? and that is why i am coughing up so much crap. So she said give it another week and see if it gets any better and if not than to go back.

Well day 10 is nearly over and have been feeling more positive today.

The idea of never smoking again does not scare me anymore at one time could not even think of going a day without a fag.

And i know its early days and i will get my good and bad day, but i find i am more scared of starting again.

As last time i started it was i will just have one and within a day back up 25 -30. I was straight back into the addiction thinking i was enjoying it but being scared to stop which lasted 9 months.I really don't want to keep going through that and hope that was the last time.

Reading the messages has been really encouraging.

good luck to everyone



very best of luck with your quit, hope you find the success you are seeking.


My dad and my sister both fell ill after giving up smoking and they went cold turkey. Apparently it's normal (I had a sore throat but still waiting on something more...) Hope you feel better soon


Hi there, as your Dr mentioned post nasal drip I thought you might find this thread interesting:

Well done on your quit to date and all the best with continued smokefreedom :cool:


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