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i made it...week 3!


Ok i only just made it here by the skin of my teeth but hey,i'm here :D

There as been many times over this last 2 weeks when i thought i couldnt carry on,but everytime i really wanted to light up i'd come to this forum and just read.

Saturday night was the real tester...since my quit day i have tried to dodge social situations,but when my brother and his wife came round and bought half a brewery with them i felt a little on edge...

After a bottle of wine i relaxed a little,but then found myself sat in the house on my own while my husband,brother and sister inlaw were all outside puffing away for what seemed like hours at a time.

I must admit i felt really excluded and left out and when i mentioned it to them i got no support at all just cigarettes shoved in my face and told to just chill out and have a smoke.

So yes,thats exactly what i did in my moment of weakness...i did tell myself that was it and i was destined to be a smoker forever,but with the help of the lovely people on this forum i am back on track and feeling stronger and more determined than ever!

Thank you everyone,you are all fantastic :D

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Smokers feel threatened as their smoking circle diminishes due to folk quitting, and many of them have tried to quit themselves too.. found it too hard and took the easy option for them and just stayed smoking.

That's not the route you'll be taking though because you are going to see this through, and even if they try their tricks of pushing cigs under your nose, you will resist.

sorry you get no support from any of them, but thats folk who smoke for you sadly, you'll probably only find a minority of smokers that will encourage you to stay quit, but when you do its nice.

Keep going.


It can be very difficult when you are with a load of smokers, they can be quite bullying. You did well to get right back to what you believe in, you are the one who has it right.


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