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A bit of motivation.....maybe????

Ok people im 5 months in and i have a short story to tell. There are some really bad things about giving up smoking but for me it wasnt the bad moods or mood swings or the putting on a bit of weight of the champix sickness or the CT anger or any of the numerous other things that people have happen to them. The worst thing for me was teeth.... yes folks you read that right teeth.....almost since day 1 (which is why i am posting this here) my teeth have been really painful (i have always had regular check ups so didnt think it was an actual dental problem just a symptom of giving up). So anyway this went on for about 2 months and it got worse i was spitting out a small lake of blood everytime i cleaned my teeth as well as bad pain eating anything hot or cold. I didnt notice any increase in the taste of food because everytime i ate the pain masked any flavour. So i decided enough was enough and went to the dentist. The dentist looked at my teeth and said i needed work ALOT of work. so the other day i had my final (of many) visits to the dentist. on the way home i popped into a bar for a glass of wine while waiting for my OH. It was UNBELEIVABLE 1 simple glass of pinot and the flavour exploded in my mouth NO pain no nothing just beautiful flavours. So the point of my little story is i maybe be about £400 lighter because of the dental work but my god that 1 glass of wine was worth every penny!!!!!!!

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Hi Jack

Good to all dental problems are sorted now and that pricey glass of wine was so wonderful in it's taste :)

There really are so many emotions and feelings, even aches and dental problems which can be caused by quitting and that can make it difficult to differentiate between something being caused by quitting or something that would happen anyway.

Things can be so closely interlinked that it's hard to be sure ourselves, let alone be advised, even by others here going through similar or have gone through similar.

We can't assume everything we feel is down to quitting and just 'give it time'.... many things will be, but we have to not assume, but think it through, it will be hard but somehow we need to find our way and begin over time, to learn to know the difference and if in any doubt still, get proper advice.

There were times, when my brain felt like mush and made so logic or rational sense during some early weeks, that had I posted about my leg falling off, I'd read it was down to quitting.

Enjoy all things hot and cold and give your taste buds a party :cool:



Jack Bro....these mouth things must run in the family....:eek:

Glad your is sorted, mine is still ongoing and will be for sometime right you are about tastes..... and smells for me....maybe that is why I have put on so much weight...LOL



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