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long long days

They are getting easier to get through I think, yest and today were suddenly markedly easier (musn't get complacent) but really, even the easier days are never ending. I'm pretty sure I've been on day 12 for about 3 months now. Please someone tell me that my sense of time passing will return to normal sometime soon, it's half term next week.

Also, in my dreams, I'm still a smoker, how long will that take to pass, I reckon a long old time, I've smoked for more of my life than I haven't Pols

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Hi pols

I can relate in a way to that feeling of forever. Ive attempted to quit a few time of late & i do think the more time goes it does go quicker & you find yourself forgetting what number day or week your up too. I too have kids on half term now & kind of glad I dont have to nip off for a fag or be a miserable cow out with the kids wishing the time away so i can go home & smoke.

We are non smokers now.. so it wont get in the way anymore.isnt that a reason to celebrate. Well done you & me;)


Don't worry, it will all get better I promise, I would not be where I am now if it didn't. You are doing the hard bit right now, know exactly how you feel. Try doing some reading, that and doing something around the house is what helped me back then.

Smoking dreams may stop tomorrow or today, I only ever had one so don't go looking for them to stay and don't worry about them they are better than smoking during the time you are awake. You are doing the right thing in sharing how you feel, the best way ever to get through the hard times.

Best wishes.



busy is best

Hi Pols, Jackie and Kitkat

I find the evenings when I get home from work the hardest. I'm used to sitting down with a glass of wine and a smoke. Once I get past that urge, I'm OK. So, I've been launching straight into cooking when I get home. And while it's on the stove, I do some washing, dusting tidying etc until it's dinner time.

So, one happy and unexpected side effect of quitting is that my housework is getting done!




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