day 2, how long?

hi this is my first post on here , i have been reading some of the threads the last couple of days. i quit yesterday so its been 36 hours now, im just going cold turkey after failing to quit last year with the patches. im just going to let off steam and say i wish we were all the same then someone could tell me how long the withdrawal symptoms last, it seems for some its a few days and others its weeks. If we were all the same someone could say this is how to do it and this is how long it lasts :), it would be nice to hear in general from the people who are several weeks or months quit to see which part they thought was the hardest and when it got easier?. great forum though really helpful and interesting just hope i can hang on until the withdrawal symptoms go :mad:

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  • Welcome on board x x x x

    You will hang on here with us ;)

    Sorry the strict outlines aren't possible :( still life's more exciting this way right? lol

    In general the first week is toughest with a 24hr peak between days 3-5 (usually 3) once the first week is down it is a series of ins outs ups n downs!

    But the ups and highs are superiour :D

    Keep busy and stay strong we're all here with you x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • idont,

    I agree with buffy,the first week is definitely the hardest.Im on day 11 tomorrow and i can feel its a lot better but each person varies.

    Stick with it:)

    Lisa xx

  • thanks everyone , two hours until my first 48 hours are up, probably shouldnt have stopped in the middle of the day? maybe should have quit first thing in morning or last thing at night, but who cares , this is the longest i have been without a fag or even a puff for 20 years or more. what gets me is that i can be going about my biz and a fag just flashes up in my mind, i dont want one it seems that its my head wanting to fill the time rather than wanting the nicotine, maybe it is the nicotine in disguise :) it maybe short sighted but at the moment im just thinking will there ever be a day when i dont think bout the fags :confused:

  • Hi You are doing fine the first few days are hard but I promis it do get much better. Just take it hour at a time at first. Keep posting and you will get lots of support Linda xxxxxxxx

  • thanks linda, i am deff taking it an hour at a time, thats why i said in my post "nearly 48 hours" rather than two days :D. i wish i had a tardis and could take myself forward a few weeks :D might help? anyway thanks again for everyones support on here its nice to be able to read other peoples experiences and know that your not the only one. just the weekend to get through now got lots of so******ing to do so its gonna be tough aaaarrrrggghhh

  • why did that word get blanked? it only said s o c i a l i s i n g :D

  • LOL

    It's a drug recommended for erectile dysfunction

    It gets worse if you want to do any of that so******ing on a c**** boat

  • LOL

    It's a drug recommended for erectile dysfunction

    It gets worse if you want to do any of that so******ing on a c**** boat


    Hows it going today, idon`t. When I`ve tried to quit in the past by cold turkey I always found the first few days the worst but everyone is different. Hopefully you`ll find it easier as time passes. Good Luck!;)

  • Not that I would know anything about that ...

    So idont hows it going around day 3 (72 hours) are you still with the programme :rolleyes:

    My milestones were

    days 6 lots of cravings

    day 7 pretty much the same

    day 8 total nightmare :mad:

    day 20 another nightmare :(

    the rest has been well :cool:

  • well thanks for the help and advice everyone, nearly caved in out of pure arrogance i told the gf if she couldnt put up with me being a bit moody for a while then give me a fag (she didnt) lol, anyway i stopped last wednesday so its actually day 6 and i still have the occasional thoughts where i think have a fag then i remember i have quit it just like flashes through my mind then its gone. was a really stressfull weekend but i got through it , thank god lol

  • Well done mate

    First week almost over your doing fine keep up the good work. xxxxxx

  • Great stuff! Glad your g/f didn`t give you a fag. Keep it up!:)

  • day 7 and was really weird today, i tended to smoke more when i was relaxing at the lakes fishing, well i went fishing for the day today and it was strange, i didnt have a craving for a fag but more of a real fear of having another fag it was really scary and so hard to explain anyone had anything like this? and great stuff to everyone here who has clocked up another day :D

  • idont ~ well done!!

    Yes I feel that way,

    I panic at the thought of smoking again. Not panic at the thought of never smoking again!

    like a total flip of before!!

    I am a serial quitter and have had enough , Still very careful and wary though, i do know i can't see around corners x x x x

    Grats on your first week done hope you had a good catch ;) x x

  • Hi - this is my first post after reading some of your threads. I had my last ciggie on Sunday 20 January 2008 at 11.00 pm. Started with the patches and inhalator on Monday 22nd and have not had a ciggie since. Last night was a bit scary and used the inhalator quite a bit during the evening and had trouble sleeping but feel fine today if a little tired.

    Weekend will be a test as partner home from work and he smokes but I am determined it will not get the better of me.:eek: Any thoughts on this?

    Reasons for giving up:

    I am 56 and would like to live longer than I would if I continued smoking.

    For my 5 grandchildren - would like to see them grow up :)

    For my health - shortness of breath and wheezing :eek:

    To be able to have money in my purse for a change :cool:

  • Welcome jan, your doing soooo well, tell him to smoke outside, its a reasonable request these days, not many smokers i know still smoke in their homes. Stay with us and we will be here for you . xxx Good luck :D

  • Thanks Dossydo. Will let you know next Monday how the weekend went on that score. Don't hold out much hope in that direction but you never know I could be wrong. Anyway, I am determined not to let it knock me back.

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