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Hi all

can anyone tell me about champix i'm not on it and dont know anything about it. when you've stopped taking them and no longer smoking do or dont you get cravings?

I'm on day 17 and since day 11 ive been really struggling cravings are non stop and its really getting me down i'm starting to think is it worth it and dont know how much longer i can go on like this yesterday the tears would not stop. but if champix stop all that maybe i should go and see my doctor.

dont know what to do.

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Hi Neddy :D

I used champix and found it a huge help I stopped after 8 weeks as I kept forgetting to take it and I never had another crave or wanted a fag just the odd fleeting thought when I did something for the first time since I quit

Having said that many people have quit and stayed quit useing whatever method suited them

You're on day 17 which is great but it's very early days as yet for you I'm sorry you're struggling just now But I promise it doe's get easier especially after the first 3 weeks which I think is some of the reason it's really hard just now it;s the terrible threes thing which many of us do suffer from

Get through this week and it starts to settle down Just hang in there OK

Yell if you need help and there's always someone around to help/advice or even just to listen OK

Love and a hug

Marg xx

PS If you want to know more about champix then PM me OK I'm around till about 5 and will be here tomorrow at some point OK


I would say if you are on day 17 you are doing ***** Well.

Champix doesn't make it a walk in the park, but for me, yes, it works. But day 17 is a huge way towards staying smoke free and to be quite honest I could not have done that Cold Turkey.

Well done and keep it up.


Champix worked for me


I am only on day 5 of not smoking, but took Champix for 10 days before i stopped. Apart from a shitty day 3, i haven't had that many cravings, and would call them "habit times" rather than cravings really. There is another post on here somewhere from someone who started champix after stopping and they seem to be getting on ok - maybe give it a try?

Well done for going CT though - you're stronger than a lot of us already!




As a fellow cold-turkey-er (with an inhilator while drinking!) I say hang on in there if you can. Obviously if you are really struggling then champix or NRT is better than smoking ;) but if you can get through this stage then you will be laughing. And you will not need to wean yourself off of anything else!

I found focusing on getting fit as a really good distraction ... and it goes hand in hand! :D I promise you it gets so much easier so if you can get through somehow then the rewards will be worth it

Well done so far

Jen x


Hi Neddy!

Well Done what an achievement day 17 with no help!! WOW!

I started taking champix on 13th January and stopped on day 13 (I know just my warped sense of homour!). I am coming up on three full weeks ciggie free this evening!

Champix in my experience is not a wonder drug that completely takes away any craving you still need willpower even taking champix as the cravings are still there. So long as you a prepared for this!

I would say at this point the most important thing for you is to make sure you don't have a ciggie at all costs - one WILL lead to another, so if that means taking champix fine!

Most information is that craving pass in two to three weeks and lose intensity so it may be you can manage without anything for another week or so. Only you can judge what's best for you.

I joined the gym at the same time as stopping, thinking this would help keep me busy and my mind off smoking and also help with any potential weight gain. I think this is the best thing I could have done and it;s really helped! You may want to give it a bash - it's the last thing you feel like but trust me when you get there it really helps!

GOOD LUCK + let us know how you get on


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