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Day 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made it to my first major milestone of 100 days!! In the early days of quit I didn't think I would survive the week let alone 100 days!

Thanks for all your support so far especially in early days when all I would do was moan haha. It has been tough but is get in easier

What made my 100 day milestone even sweeter is the fact I am currently on a beach holiday in sunny Brazil. Usually on holiday I would easily get through 40 a day but no cigs at all this time. When I get through this holiday, I will then know I am a permanent non smoker.

What is good is the fact hardly

anyone in Brazil on the beach smokes. They are all very healthy! Even if I did want to smoke (which I don't) I would be a total outcast

I will raise a glass of

Caipirinha to the next 100 days :)

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Oh wow i don't know what's better, your 100 day massive milestone or that you're having a lovely holiday!! :D :D

Enjoy yourself you deserve it :)


Huge congratulations to the Boy from Brazil :D

Well done indeed Woody. :)


Great to hear 100 days - well done Woody and hope your having a great holiday :)


Well done on 100 days

Have a great holiday



Well done! 100 days is a fantastic achievement. Keep going strong, the 6 months milestone is in your sights!! :)


A job well done.

100 days is a great milestone to pass !


Brilliant 100 days is awesome, be proud - VERY proud :)


Thanks for you messages! Love the support on here


Well done woody . enjoy the fantastic reward you've given yourself. I love the idea of being surrounded by fit healthy and happy humans who don't smoke. mash x


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