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Mind games


Well im planning to go out tonight with a few mates for a meal and few drinks around town, i was doing a bit of shopping this morning and as i walked to get a scratch card, i clocked the cigarettes in their shiny packets etc and thought to myself im better off buying them now so i wont be ripped off in town.

However i didn't buy any and was just thinking its strange how i nearly got caught out while my mind was wandering etc.


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Hi Stu,

Glad you didn't buy any of those nasty ciggies.

Takes a while to get used to the habit of just buying ciggies in a way. I used to feel very proud & free when I walked past the ciggie counter thinking ' I don't need you' anymore & giving them the finger lol :)

Have a lovely smoke free night.

Love G xxx

Didn't he attendant get offended seeing you giving the finger to her lol

Hi Stu :D

Well done you dodging that mind wandering moment

It's funny but those sneaky little b.........d Nico :eek:Demons seem to no exactly when to strike if we let our minds disappear for jusy a few minutes

Enjoy your evening smoke free


Marg xx

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