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Mind playing dirty tricks


Walked past a smoker today and she smelled awful, but despite the fact I really hated the smell, it triggered a thought of wanting to smoke. Stupid isn't it. Just shows to never let your guard down no matter how secure you feel. It only lasted a few minutes but how easy would it be to give in to these thoughts if you let them take over.

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Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Well fought spanisheyes.

I seem to get stupid thoughts like that triggered by nothing at all - I'll just suddenly think 'I could easily go and buy some tobacco now' and like you it doesn't last more than a few moments, but it's a surprise to have something to fight it off now! But I'm moving rooms in the morning, and I'll see you there in a week!


Definitely a case of NOPE, it's a thought to a past life that was indeed quit comfy, but you stood firm waved it good day.

Doing great, i

Well done Spanish, fought wonderfully :)

I know how you feel although my 'strange' feelings are lasting more than a few minutes at the moment..... must be the stage we are at.... I take heart in the fact that the feelings are not all the time.... just a couple of times a day for me.... being home, the garden and the beautiful weather are very strong triggers for me :(

WE CAN DO IT :) :) :)

Well done to you. You knew all along that the temptation was futile and that you'd come through it. All these tests, small or large, are just that: tests. And you're passing them all. I don't think I have ever passed so many tests in my life!

Well done for ignoring the crave. I still have them sometimes but it's more of a passing thought than an actual crave so it gets better. Also if the smell is repulsive to you then that helps.:)

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