Day 3 on Champix

Hi everyone,

day 3 is here and I think Im starting to feel a bit weird,not in a bad way tho.

Will start on 2 tablets tomorrow. I have noticed that the ciggies are starting to taste not the usual taste you get.. Might just be me

Had a great idea, gonna buy myself a drum kit with the money I save and go mad like animal off the muppet show. Now that should take my mind of the C word

good luck to everybody in their fight to bannish the demon

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  • Keep it up!

    Hi Bongo, I noticed on day 2 of champix that cigarettes started tasting strange, so not just you at all! I got to the point when i was lighting one up and putting it straight out!

    (I am now on day 14 and stopped smoking on Sunday!)

    Well done so far - keep up the good work.


  • Hi, welcome and sorry I don't think your post got noticed, very unusual but please still post and tell us how you are. Hope you are doing well with the Champix and looking forward to stopping.


  • the cigs will start tasting worse and worse. You really won't care if you have one or not. You'll butt them out, shorter and shorter

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