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back to struggling today

Hi all

Having bad cravings today, Dont know why, I should be over these bad ones

now. Strange how you can last so long then all of a sudden your willpower

doesnt seem enough

Fuming that I had a blip on Tuesday been going down hill since then

I got too complacient thought I had gotten over the main hurdle

Have to remember to stay alert in future

I hate the power nicotine has over me even my own mind seems to be against me

stressed, edgy,anti-social ,dissapointed

Dont even know where I am surposed to post on this furum

Well thats my rant over

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Hi, sorry you are feeling a bit down. As far as not knowing where to post, it doesn't matter, put it in where you feel most comfortable. Nobody is here to judge or point a finger, we are all here to help each other.

Mentally you're probably beating yourself up, but you must try to put the negative nasty stuff behind and think positively about the future. You've made the big decision, and that's to stop smoking. Now all you have to do is see it through, it will happen, we all take knocks, but once we've decided to stop smoking, I don't think we will ever really be happy smokers again, so we will succeed in quitting, it just takes time.

Take it day by day, don't look ahead long term, the days soon mount up. Find things that make you relax, listen to music, relaxation cd's, if you can find ways to relax it makes a huge difference.

Stick with it, you'll get there,

Lorraine :)


Fantastic advice from Lorraine there, does not matter where you post it just matters that you do post. Take one day at a time, choose not to smoke today and tomorrow will look after itself.

Spend sometime doing the reading, plan how you are going to treat yourself, look forward not back.

Sorry to hear that today is a bit of a downer, stay strong, post often. Sending you a truck load of PMA.



Excellent advice above, what also helped me stay focused was to look at my reasons for quitting, it's also important to stay busy, as an unoccupied mind tends to take itself places you'd rather it didn't. Read as much as you can, keep a journal, treat yourself and pat yourself on the back for getting back into the game so quickly, lots of people (including myself) leave months or years between quits, you've left a day.

Keep going, it really is worth it, a-nalyse why you gave in and avoid/mitigate in future.



Hi Thanks for posts

Woke up on a downer so had a rant

Ok again now

Dont intend to smoke again (dont even feel like I want to)

Just gettin cravings for something that is missing Not for a ciggy

I think its all in My Atitude when you are in the right frame of mind it doesnt bother you

But like this morning when you arnt tuned in the cravings Bite

I posted to get it out of my system and I knew I would get support and understaning from here

A week ago I had no cravings reduced the patch to stage 3 even went CT for a couple of days

Quitting got easy then I lost it so now I am treading water trying to get My

attitude to quitting sorted out again

I am back on the first stage patch so is easier now I know soon I will get my head around it and get on top of this again

The only good thing about it is that I didnt give up my quit

I willget there in the end



Hey Bill,

Gonna sound odd but...hey, you're doing great. Giving vent is exactly the thing to do if that's what will get you past a little more time. Not only that but each time you sit down to write you probably are focussing a bit upon how it's been since your last post. Maybe you are spotting some light at the end of the tunnel...even if it's way off in the distance.

The posters above have really taken the need for anyone else to post away because they have given you excellent focussed advice. We have all become experts at stopping smoking because we are doing it, we are reading about it, we are imparting that knowledge to others. That's gonna happen to you also.

But for now get some history going and open up a bit of a gap between the last smoke and your current present.

It may be tough just now but soon it will be a lot easier.

Keep on keepin' on,



Bill, you're absolutely right, you will get there, baby steps, 1 day at a time. No point running in this race, you don't get there any quicker.

Keep it strong, relaxed and do things to make you smile.

Lorraine :)


At day 3/4 expect your cravings to be a bit more intense. Your body and mind is now adjusting to the dose which the patches are delivering on their own so the nicotine from the smokes you had is just about leaving your system now. hence the re-adjustment, the increased craving.. and the extra difficulty.

its normal, so don't worry yourself unnecessarily. Your doing well, keep yourself focused now and lets get back up to one week done soon enough.

Keep going, it will get easier i'm certain.



Keep fighting

Keep on it Demented...If it's a fight it wants then lets fight...


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