Day 7

Well I have to say this has been the hardest so far. Was at a friend's funeral this morning and it's just been a terrible day! Felt myself waivering slightly earlier tonight just because I was feeling rubbish but thankfully decided that having a cigarette wasn't going to make me feel any better! I suppose that's another milestone then, that I managed without them when I was at my most stressed.

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  • Keep going

    Hey Angelina

    Hope you went to bed and didn't smoke?

    It's not worth it, after all you've already done to get where you are it isn't worth having a fag, it won't help, I've tried to quit so many times and there was never really a good reason, it was always an excuse. The nicodemon is always going to want to call ypou back to serving him, don't give in.


  • Yes, a nasty trigger Angelina, well done for getting past it. You are now at 9 days, brilliant, tomorrow you get to talk in double figures.

    Best wishes, look forward to hearing from you again.


  • Hi Angelina :D

    Sorry only just found this I'm so sorry about you friend but well done you got through a really bad day smoke free

    You're right a smoke wouldn't have helped at all


    Marg xx

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