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Entering week 3!

I have survived 14 days! I am so pleased with myself. My cravings have been managable. I think I had my worst craving last night and it passed.

I feel I have entered a new world. A world where I don't have to hang about out in the cold inhaling poison. A world where I watch TV with my boys and stay sitting during ad breaks. A world where I actually enjoy the gym. A world where I savour a breath of fresh air.

I have discovered Pilates and I love it. More good news is that my husband is getting into gear to stop to. I have put on a coupleof kilo'sm which is good because I was too light really.

Thank you for this site and the woderful advice and encouragement.:)

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Hi Ellie

14 days CT with OH still smoking, very well done.

HA someone not minding weight gain

I can't wait for the smells of spring to start with my new smelling gear.

stick with it



Ellie, Congratulations on your 2 weeks of freedom! Keep going strong. Jody




I must confess that tonight I have been a bit twitchy. I think because Thursdays are hectic and in the past I would have a cigarette to calm down. But I am breathing through the cravings. I did considering taking a pack from my husbands duty free stash but I won't be s slave. I am going to pick one of the boys from gymnastics so the walk will clear my head.


Keep strong Ellie, you're doing a great job, just remember a day at a time. Just picked my daughter up from gymnastics too, she's so fit it put's me to shame, muscles that I didn't even know existed!

It's great isn't it, not jumping up at the commercial breaks to go and stand in the cold, I do find it so much more relaxing in the evening (well, mostly), and absolutely LOVE the way I smell.

You've gone over 2 weeks now, fantastic, keep on thinking of all the great things that you feel, and don't make too much of the negatives.

Well done you,

Lorraine :)


Gary you are so right the things I can smell now is unbelievable. Although there are things I can smell now and kind of wish I couldn't.:D

But back to Ellie, no you have not survived 14 days, you have been very strong for 14 days and resisted temptations. So a very well done from me keep going you're half way through your first month.

Keep strong Jack xx


Thanks Lorraine & Jack. Just back from my walk and feel better. I think a relaxing bath is in order after I pick up my eldest son from Explorers.


Hi Ellie

Your doing great Its even harder when you have a partner who is still smoking

keep posting



Happy Friday

I hade a good session at the gym this morning.I noticed my lung function is improving. I am feeling very pleased. I had a manicure and then did some reading for my OU course. I am feeling back in the 'zone' today. 16 days! As a treat I have booked a facial for Tuesday to tackle the quitzit situation.

The positive input here is really helping to stay on the right path. :)


Hi Ellie :D

Well done you 2 weeks smoke free is great and your hubby getting into gear to follow you down the road is also good news

Keep going show hubby how it's done

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Welldone - you show 'em

Hi Ellie,

Welldone - CT - truly amazing.

Just a quick Q - My Hubby is returning from overseas (from work) later this month and he smokes a lot. He is proud of me and said he will not smoke in the house, but how have you coped with the temptation of the ciggies winking at you?

Hoping that the smell will be so awful that I will resist!

Not sure though, it's a double edged sword, really looking forward to seeing him but as he was not suppose to come back until April, not looking forward to the demons playing tricks in my head.

Back to you though - you're doing great!


Hi Sarah. My husband has been quite good about not smoking in front of me but I do see his cigarettes lying in the kitchen. I think I am manging because I am resolute this time that I do not want to smoke. I don't think he thought I would last long. My hope was that he would see me stop and decide it was time for him to stop rather than just talk about stopping.

If anything, I find the smell of smoke, when he comes in from smoking, horrible.


Same here girls... my boyfriend smokes (roll ups) and he smokes in the bathroom or outside. Weirdly I'm not finding it too much of a problem as I don't want a cigarette, what I want is the sh*tty mood I'm in and semi depressive catatonic fidgetting state I'm in to go away.

Oh and yeh, I wouldn't say it to him, but he really stinks sometimes too. I can't say anything as that would make me a facist ex smoker already.


I don't tell mine either about the smell, Polster! I am trying to be very low key and not pressure him.

Went to the pub for a wee while last night. I was the one left sitting while OH went for a fag. A friend of mine was in the pub and I had a quick chat while he was on a break. I said how weird it was and she reminded me I used to leave her sitting alone all the time while I nipped out! Oh dear! I am glad I have left all the anti social stuff behind.

Today I plan to bung a lamb curry in the slow cooker, tidy up then go to a pilates class after lunch. We are having a movie night with the boys tonight. I am looking forward to cuddling up watching the movie and eating popcorn with my boys.

Still having an uncomfortable time with the mucus. I read that fenugreek tea helps but I can't find it any of the local shops. If the grot persists, then I might order on-line.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.


Another day over. I am happy to report I am still smoke free. My nose is a bit blocked today. I am tired after a hard session at the gym yesterday. But all in all I am doing well. I think I have been lucky so far on my quit.


Congrats Ellie,

Looks like you keep yourself well busy with all the different activities you have mentioed in your thread. It really does help to have other things to focus upon rather than a smoke.

Someone recently advised that it was really helpful to read ahead to help your quit. ie your entering week 3 so read into week 4 too. This heads up may be helpful to you. Remember to also have a wee read at the information in the links some of us display in our sigs.

It's great that your success is having a spin off in that your OH is considering stopping too.

Have a great Sunday,



Thanks Ellie & Polster,

Hope that the smell will be so off putting that I will not crave for one as much as I think I will.

22nd day now - the days are mounting up!

Hope you all had a good weekend.


Tired but steadfast

I am so tired today. The weekend was quite hectic and I was working today. I have been smoke free for 19 days. I am feeling good. I had bought the Allen Carr Easyway DVD for my husband and I watched it yesterday. It makes usch sense. Anyway, I am approaching another week feeling positive. I actually feel sorry for people when I see them outside in the freezing cold smoking.

Tomorrow I am having a facial as a treat. It will probably bring out even more quitzits but better out that in!


Hi ellie

well done 19 days and your feeling good :) so pleased for you..

i was thinking of getting the allan carr dvd anything to help i read the book

about 3 years ago and i didnt work for but then again maybe it wasnt my

time to quit.. i'm really struggling with very bad cravings at the moment its

day 14 for me..

you enjoy that facial tomorrow



another week notched up

well done Ellie you're doing great. Marie xx


Thanks June and Marie.


5 k and I am still standing

I did 5 k on the treadmill this morning and was not too out of breath. I would not have attempted that 3 weeks ago. Just had my facial and my beautician says my skin is looking much healthier since I stopped.

My next challenge is this weekend in Paris. We are going to the France v Ireland rubgy game. Despite the fact it seems like everyone smokes in Paris, I won't be one of them.


Another week over

I am entering week 4 now. I am delighted with my progress. This quit is definitely different from any of my previous quits. I feel so positive and I think that is because I do not view it as depriving myself of something, this time. I haven't given anything up, I have stopped a dangerous and unpleasant activity. I don't have any cravings as such but I do still think about cigarettes now and then. But I take a deep breath and think 'I am glad that's all finished for me.' In the past I would have been pining for a cigarette and would use any excuse to start smoking aagin.

Only thing bothering me now is, where do I post now since there is no week 4 board? Lol!


Day 22

Still enjoying the smoke free life. I am going to Paris tomorrow for the weekend. That will be another challenge to rise to. Never been to Paris as a non-smoker.

Plan to start the Couch to 5k plan when I get back. Now that I am doing so much exercise I sleep really well at night. I met someone I hadn't seen on ages and they told me I was glowing!

Have a good weekend.


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