No Smoking Day
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Few things into one thread - week 3/alcohol/lower patches etc NO SMOKING :)

Ok havent posted in a few days, so will give update

Today I week 3! I have not smoked any fags! nor at this point do I intend to!

Ok first the patches- I started on the nicotinell 21mg {step 1} I did those for the past 2 weeks, a few times last week I took it off before bed, knida wean myself sort of thing, felt good, no probs to report, so I went to see dr today, got them to put me to stage 2 14mg patch

Have had one on all day, havent so far noticed a difference, but im holding out on that one as I know it can take up to 72 hrs for nicotine to be out of system, so think any change will be over the next day so will report back on this as and when :)

Still feeling really positive aboutmy no smoking :) feels way more than 3 weeks, feels normal now NOT to have a fag which lead me onto the drinking alcohol

I dont drink alot but when I do I ALWAYS smoke loads, I hadnt had a drink or been out since the weekend before quit date, so had 2 weeks to get used to not smoking and patches, anyways I can happily report this saturday I went out drinking to a club, got rather wasted and didnt really think about smokin, it were only when my bf were driving me home, I found fags in his car {he had 6 left from quitting, keeps them in the car} and I got one out and sniffed it, smellt kinda nice but didnt feel any desire to smoke it :)

So I am happy to pass the alcohol test, which was one of my main triggers :)

So I hope everyone else on there no smoking mission is doing ok, even with the odd mishap we can still hve a sucessfull quit I do beleive


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I passed the alcohol test on Saturday, too. I warned my husband beforehand not to give me a cig if I asked him. But I never asked him for one.

It is a good feeling, isn't it? Like passing another trial.


Kate/Ellie - Great news on passing the alcohol test. I've not attempted it yet. I've been a clean living hermit for the past 26 days. In the back of my mind I am aware that a large night of clubbing will be on the agenda in the next few months (I can't avoid everyone forever eek). Problem is, when we all go out, we really go out, and I've got NO idea how I'm going to handle this - but if, I mean WHEN I do it smoke free I shall be very proud of myself.

Well done both!


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