Step 3 patch, 4 weeks to go

Morning All,

Have put the first of my last step patches on this morning. It is SO tiddly hardly seems worth it. The surgical tape I have been using to keep them on has hidden it completely LOL. Feel ok so far but have only had it on an hour! I cannot wait for the 4 weeks to end & I don't have to use them anymore. Am feeling all bouncy & full of it still this morning so thought I would share some of it with you especially if you are not feeling so good about your quit today.

So, just for you, loads of PMA, happiness, strength & joy to see you through another day on your road to freedom.

Enjoy :D;):p

Gaynor xx

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  • Brilliant Gaynor, you are doing so well now it's onwards and upwards to the top for you.


  • LOl, they are cute wee things and you only have to wear them for a week (or is it two?) I loved going down a patch despite the niggles. Also No patch at all is just a great feeling

  • Same as me, 3 half wks left on patches, have used the minis a few times this wkend as me and o.h av been away with friends which 1 of these smoke.Wish i hated the smell bt dnt, everytime she lit up, oohhhh the smell, lovely!! But didnt give in:D, well done gaynor, nice to no sum1 is at the same stage as me, keep strong xxxx

  • Thanks Jackie & Jude.

    Do you feel any different on these ones Lisa? I don't. Feels exactly the same as before ;)

    G xx

  • no not really, i felt terrible last time i dropped dwn, moody n crying!! lol, bt feel ok this time round x

  • Glad you are ok Lisa. I was a bit tetchy on the last step down but have noticed no difference this time. 3 and a half weeks to go ;)

    Gaynor x

  • Great Gaynor!!!!

    Well done, this is definitely THE quit isn't it!

    Thanks for all the PMA, got a fair bit of that myself today!!! (Makes a change!):D

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